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5 Amazing Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling a master bathroom calls for a plethora of reconstruction and decorative ideas. Narrowing bathroom remodeling ideas into a handful of broad categories will ease your decision-making process. With a little help, you can find your style and have a little fun along the way.

Functional, beautiful, and personal: these three words describe many people’s ideal master bathroom. These five stunning master bathroom ideas will truly upgrade your remodeling: space-saving bathroom, bigger looking bathroom, luxurious bathroom, the couple’s bathroom, and the futuristic bathroom.

This might be your first bathroom renovation, or perhaps you have had a lot of experience in breaking down and building up bathrooms. Whichever is the case, the five master bathroom remodeling ideas given below will help you from the first brainstorming session to the final finished work of your new bathroom. Keep reading to learn more.

The Five Ways to Renovate Your Master Bathroom

The five master bathroom designs can transform any bland or shabby bathroom into a compliment-worthy bathroom. The five major remodeling ideas listed below can be applied alone or together:

  • The neat, organized, and spacious bathroom.
  • The small bathroom turned to a bigger (looking) bathroom.
  • The suave and sophisticated bathroom.
  • The bathroom fit for both of you.
  • The bathroom inspired by the future.

Bathrooms are not just for us to pop in and out of for a few minutes throughout the day. Bathrooms also go beyond mere hygiene. Bathrooms are a place for you to catch some me-time and take care of yourself.

Bathrooms are the ultimate room of the house for your relaxation and rejuvenation. This is why when you give a lot of care and consideration when remodeling your master bathroom, your master bathroom will be set to give you a lot of care and consideration every time you step into it.

Up next, we’ll help guide you through what you need to know for remodeling each one of the five amazing bathroom remodeling ideas. No hardhat necessary.

Master Bathrooms Bay Area
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How to Remodel an Organized and Space-Savvy Bathroom

Any room, whether in a home or an office, feels instantly better when it is neat and organized. In fact, even one tidy drawer can make us feel soothed and in control when we open it. These days home organization is getting a lot of credit. The bathroom is no exception.

Our days begin and end with at least a few minutes in the bathroom. Whether you are having a busy, stressful day or a laid-back, lazy day, you will feel good to enter a bathroom that has everything put in its place.

Whatever kind of bathroom you aim to have when remodeling, make sure to plan it out to be as space-savvy as you can. This will make extra storage and cleaning a breeze.

Install Floating Vanities and Shelves

Floating shelves and floating vanities have become a popular and modern choice for bathrooms these days. This is great because it looks extremely neat visually and frees up a lot of floor space for you.

The popular demand for floating vanities has created a lot of options for buyers. Usually, you will have selections varied from a complete floating unit to separate floating pieces.

If there is a full wall-mount set that pleases your taste, you can simply choose that whole set, and you are done; this would include the sink and faucets, the storage space, the surface countertops, and all the hardware.

On the other hand, you might prefer to choose your own wall-mounted pieces and make your own set. This will obviously take a bit more time to do, but you can get the exact measurements you want while letting your creative side come out.

As you remodel your bathroom, try to add some floating storages as well. Using the wall space as storage space gives you so much room to keep everything you need in a bathroom. Wall-mounted cabinets and shelves, vertical or horizontal, with or without doors, near the ceiling or near the floor, are aesthetically pleasing and easy to keep clean.

Keep in mind that with floating vanities and shelves, you can still make use of the empty floors if you need to. Simply place baskets, hampers, or boxes under the floating amenities if you want to keep towels, toilet paper, and on, near the floor.

Keeping floor space as optional storage means more storage area and much more easier mopping in the bathroom.

Choose a Tub That Fits the Size of Your Bathroom

Bathtubs are sometimes avoided in bathrooms due to a lack of space.  However, if your heart really is set on a bathtub, you can renovate your bathroom without having to compromise too much space.

Free-standing bathtubs with a flat bottom are usually small in size and big in popularity. These simple bathtubs have a pleasing old-school silhouette that may fit into your bathroom splendidly. These smaller tubs also take less time and less water to fill up, which is good news for both you and the planet.

Choose a Shower Shape That Fits Your Bathroom

Walk-in showers are wonderful to have in the bathroom. They look great, they feel great, and keep the entire bathroom from getting splashed on.

If you choose to put a walk-in shower in your bathroom plan, think outside the box when deciding on the shape of your walk-in shower. Literally, you can leave the square box shape behind and choose a round-shaped shower space, a longer rectangular shower space, or a curved S-shaped shower space.

Take the time to measure out your current bathroom and then figure out which shape will best-fit into a corner or side of your bathroom.

Master Bathrooms Bay Area

How to Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Many older homes in The Bay Area have small rooms, including the bathrooms. If you want to make your small bathroom look big or you want to make your big bathroom look really big, then follow the tips below. There are many “tricks” you can apply when remodeling your bathroom. Playing around with colors and shapes can create the right optical illusions.

Add More Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces

The more lighting you have to bounce around the bathroom, the larger your overall bathroom will appear. To take advantage of this optical illusion, you can add more mirrors and bigger mirrors as you remodel your bathroom. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Add double vanities to your bathroom for double the reflective light.
  • Place mirrors in other areas, like a free side of a cabinet.
  • Whether one or multiple mirrors are decided upon, try to find large-sized mirrors.
  • Find mirror-based wall decorations.

Just like mirrors, surfaces that are very glossy also reflect light in a way that makes the room look bigger. Pick glossy, shiny items when searching for tubs, showers, sinks, countertops, and tiles.

Overall, with gleaming surfaces and mirrors, you will always be welcomed into a (seemingly) spacious bathroom.

Make Sure There is Plenty of Light

There is no such thing as too much light. At least not too much natural light. Good lighting is crucial not only for making your bathroom look brighter but also for making your bathroom look bigger.

If possible, make the windows of your bathroom bigger. The more the sun can shine in, the better. Try to add more bright lights too. From bulbs to skylights, there are many options to have your bathroom looking bright and big.

Choose the Right Colors

Choice of colors can make or break the bathroom design. It is important to really understand your color choices for the floors and walls.

To play it safe, white is always a safe and good-looking shade to go with. The white shade on the floors and the walls will always keep everything looking bright. You can also add splashes of colors through towels and decorations if white is too boring for your taste.

Whether you choose white or not, try to stick with softer colors. Light greys, pale lavenders, seafoam blues, or a baby buttery yellow are always nice colors for bathrooms. If you choose paler colors and keep things monochromatic, you will not downsize your bathroom’s appearance.

Play Around with Line and Shapes in the Designs

If you want to get a little more creative, you can play around with designs to make your bathroom look bigger. Look at the list below to see ways you can use optical illusions to make a small bathroom look bigger:

  • Black and white checkerboard tiles are not only high in design appeal, but they all give a graphic visual of a wider and bigger space. You can use this chessboard decor with tiles on the floor or the walls. You can even paint black and white squares on the walls or the floor.
  • Keep bathroom lights high up. A low-hanging ceiling light will point out the size of a room. You can avoid this and work with recessed lights instead. Lights higher up on the walls or the ceiling is the better choice. Try putting in some sconce light that can merge the wall and ceilings optically. This will make your bathroom ceiling look like it is further up.
  • Put in some horizontal lines. Horizontal lines, on all the ones or just one wall, will make your bathroom look wider. This is easily done with a simple paint job. Consequently, vertical lines make things look thinner, so avoid adding vertical lines into your bathroom.
  • Add a clear shower door. If your new bathroom will have a shower door, opt for one that is a clear glass door. This way, you won’t create a “room in a room” look with an opaque shower door or shower curtain. With a clear door, the visual barrier will be removed, and your bathroom will appear bigger.

Decide on Different Constructions

The smartest way to add more space into your bathroom is to know what constructions will save a lot of space. Here are a few ideas that can make a world of difference in your final bathroom look:

  • Get a pocket door. A pocket door is a door that slides in and out instead of swinging in and out. The pocket door functions by sliding inside the wall and out. This is very non-intrusive and will provide you with a lot more usable space.
  • Get a smaller sink.If you have a counter surface with a smaller sink, you will have much more space around the sink to keep things like toothbrushes, soaps, and so on. If you choose a small stand-alone sink, this too will save you a lot more space.
  • Get a toilet tank that is hidden. A toilet can save you a lot of space if its tank is hung above on the wall and inside a wall niche. By putting the toilet tank above and inside a wall pocket, you will get more space.
  • In general, for any small room, every detail stands out more. Remember that less details mean less of a cluttered look. Do your best to keep everything more on the minimalist side.

Master Bathrooms Bay Area

How to Make Your Bathroom Elegant and Luxurious

As time goes on, the bathroom is given more and more importance. A lot of self-care and self-maintenance takes place inside the bathroom. You can make each trip to the bathroom a mini vacation with the tips below.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Hues of metallic colors, shades of monotonous solid colors with ceramic or marble stones can truly give your bathroom a glamorous makeover.

Colors can upgrade a basic bathroom into a home spa appeal. Aim for a monotone medium palette; not bright and not dull, but in between. Black, white, grey, and olives are always easy ways to give a gorgeous appearance when choosing wall paint or floor tiles.

When it comes to surfaces, marble and ceramic stones in white, black, or grey shades work well with the luxurious look. Add in one metallic color in the designs and the doorknobs, towel holder, etc. Rose gold or gold or shiny black are good choices. Do not mix metal colors, as that can overthrow the entire look.

Make a Luxurious Water Space

Big bathrooms will always feel grander. If possible, you can make your bathroom bigger by merging your current bathroom with a neighboring closet or room space. This will result in an expanded bathroom where you can undress and dress in style.

If you have space, you can create a water space with both the shower and the bathtub. This water space, a hotel-mimicking trend, is a separate area from the rest of the bathroom. You can create this separate water space with the help of a partition or a glass door.

Not only does a water space feel relaxing and fashionable, but it is also an easier way of keeping your bathroom clean.

Another way to get that grand bathroom feel is to add a seat in your shower. From bigger chair-like seats to smaller shelf-like seats, you can find a shower seat that is optimal for your shower size. This will let you experience a bathtub-like wash, but with a more waterfall or rainfall-like feeling.

Designs and Decors That Make Your Bathroom Look Grand

Designs and decor are what can turn a bland bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams. Strategically placed patterns and decorative items are a fantastic way to customize your bathroom and add some spice. Here are some simple ways you can include more design elements:

  • Big tileson the walls and floors. If you are going to put tiles on the floor, or the wall, or both, make sure to go for big tiles. Bigger tiles complement the luxury look and also mean fewer lines that can grow mold. Try natural stone colors for a safe yet beautiful look.
  • Framed mirrorsare the way to go. You want the mirrors, or the vanity mirror, to have a thick frame around them. Thick heavy frames look handsome and upgrade your bathroom visual.
  • Put in a piece of furnitureor two. Placing a piece of furniture into your bathroom gives it a homely and stylish feel. A tall armoire can be where you place your towels, or a lounge chair can be where you sit as you do self-care activities.
  • Take time to choose some fabricfor your bathroom. Fabrics can be a subtle way to glam up your bathroom. Design your bathroom with beautiful quality fabric in the shower curtains, upholstery, chair, and more.
  • Put the effort into the details of the accessories. As mentioned above, the sink faucets and cabinet knobs should maintain a consistent color and metal. You can take it a step further and play around with the shapes of these faucets and knobs, such as seashells or hearts. Give a beautiful finish to your bathroom with magnificent artworks, bright flowers, soft, luscious towels, and more.
Master Bathrooms Bay Area
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How to Design a Bathroom for a Couple

When it comes to shared bathrooms for partners, the tastes of each partner may or may not combine well. Interior designers sometimes are given projects to do divisive bathrooms for partners in the same house.

The bathroom is like our own little sanctuary, making sense that differences arise in how each person wants their bathroom to be. This is where the “His and Her” bathroom ideas stemmed from.

A couple can make a list of what each individual’s wants and needs are. Then the couple can see what works for both of them and where they need to do some compromising. Here are a few ideas to keep things somewhat separate in the same bathroom:

  • “His and Her” sinksgained popularity because they are so functional and favorable for each person. Install a vanity with two separate sinks side by side. This means no more crowding and no more waiting.
  • Keep separate shower kitsin the corner of the shower. We have our bathing products, so it is easier to keep the shower kits separate. You can install a shower corner cabinet with at least two separate storages.
  • Even outside the shower, you can keep separate cabinets. With wall-mounted cabinets, you can each have your storage cabinets. This means you can store your things as neatly, or messily, as you want without bothering the other person. You can also make each cabinet a different color or use stencils like “HIS” and “HER” on each.

Master Bathrooms Bay Area

How to Create a “Smart” Bathroom

Technology has come so far in recent times. From self-driving cars to wifi to smartphones. Why wouldn’t we want high-tech stuff in our bathrooms too?

If you have the money and access to “smart” toilets, it will absolutely be worth the investment. Toilets with smart technology are paired with motion sensors. This means self-closing lids, self-cleaning technology, touch-free flushing, and more. Not having to use your hands on the toilets also means better hygiene maintenance for you.

Smart toilets save water because they flush water based on sensors (no intentional or unintentional double flushing). Smart faucets are also a modern and water-saving option.

Beyond toilets and faucets are the lightings. Voice-controlled or touch lighting gives any bathroom a futuristic flair. With a simple word or a tap of a finger, you can make the lights of your vanity mirror or walls change in color or change in intensity.

These voice or touch control lights are more common for mirrors and medicine cabinets. Not only is it practical, but they give out fewer glares and can be used as a nightlight if dimmed.



There you have it. Five fantastic ways to remodel your bathroom. If you choose one of the five options or a few of the five options given above, you can renovate your way to a new and improved bathroom.  Interested in remodeling your master bathroom?  Element Home Remodeling is a home remodeling company serving The Bay Area. We offer free in-home consolations and can help you design the master bathroom you’ve always dreamed about. Contact us to learn more.

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