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5 Home Improvement Projects That Will Transform Your Home

When you look around your home, do you like what you see? Chances are, there are a few things that you want to change! Because home improvement projects are expensive, you may not be able to make all the changes that you want, which is why you should focus specifically on projects that will truly transform your home.  Here in the Bay Area, home renovations are very popular, and due to the high cost of real estate and moving, people are opting to improve and expand their existing homes instead.

No matter what your home may currently look like, there are home improvement projects out there for everyone. Keep reading to find out what home improvement projects you can invest in that can truly change the look and feel of your entire home in a single project!


Building on an Addition to Add More Square Footage

Many times, when people buy a house, they have no idea what the future will bring them. This can lead to their family growing and the house seeming to shrink or become smaller over time.

Thus, the number one way to transform your home with a single improvement is to add an addition to your home. Although this is a big project, it is one you will never regret because the benefits of a home addition are endless.

An addition to your home not only changes the look and feel of your home both inside and out, but it also gives you additional space to grow. And you can use this space to help clear out clutter or crowding in other rooms of your house, which in turn will change the interior of your home entirely.

It doesn’t matter what kind of home you have, as there is almost always room for an addition, even if you have a small lot. For example, with a ranch home, you can always add a full or partial second story. And if you only have room in front or behind your house, this is the perfect way to add an enclosed porch.

There are some lots that simply have no room to add any sort of exterior addition, and if this is the case for your home, then it’s time to turn to the basement—consider finishing it to increase your usable square footage! The basement is a great place for additional bedrooms, an extra sitting area, or even a basement bar for entertaining guests.

When you add an addition to your home, it can typically be worked on while your family lives in the home. This makes it easier to schedule and generally easier on your family, so you don’t have to figure out a way to vacate your home for a day or two (or more) as you would need to do for other home improvement projects.

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A Kitchen Renovation

Kitchens are one area of the home that can grow outdated faster than almost any other part of the home. So if you fear that your home is looking outdated, it may be solely because of the state of the kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen is a quick and easy way to both update and transform your home into something completely new. Updating a kitchen is usually simple, fun, and beneficial for years to come.

One of the reasons updating your kitchen is a simple way to transform the look of your home is because it tends to be a quicker home improvement project than many—as much of it may simply be switching out the appliances and countertop!

Not to mention that even if you decide to take the renovations further and change the flooring, you can typically still live in your home during a kitchen renovation. You’ll just need to be prepared to order dinner in!

And besides just transforming the look of your home now for you and your family, updating a kitchen is great for the long run because it can help you to sell your home more quickly if you do decide to list it for sale in a few years. It has often been said that kitchens and bathrooms can sell homes, which is most certainly the case!

Every year, appliances are made easier to use and more convenient than ever before. This means that switching out your stovetop won’t just be easier for you in the long run, but it will also probably be safer when there are young hands around too.

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Upgrading a Bathroom… or Two

That being said, another great way to improve on your home can be to upgrade the space that your family uses the most, the bathroom!

Upgrading your bathrooms can be quite the project, but not only can you improve them to be more functional, but a modern bathroom can also change the entire look and value of your home.

No one wants to purchase a home with a bathroom that looks like it has seen better days. And if you have multiple outdated bathrooms, this could be causing you problems if you have a big family and weak plumbing. Upgrading your bathrooms is a great way to address some issues you may be having.

First of all, if you have multiple family members fighting over the use of a precious few bathrooms, upgrading a bathroom is a great time to bring a sink outside of the area where the toilet and shower are. This way, someone can be brushing teeth or styling their hair while someone else is showering. You can additionally separate the toilet and shower as well for even fewer arguments.

Some older homes have unique plumbing problems, such as the shower going cold when the toilet flushes, and this is a great time to address those problems—since you will likely be replacing several of the bathroom fixtures anyway. This can really help to improve your quality of life overall.

Plus, there are frequently occasions when families have plumbing leaks that they don’t realize. And in this case, a bathroom remodel can be exactly what is needed to bring them to light and stop them before they cause any additional damage.

And like the kitchen, a bathroom remodel is also something your family can live in the house during as long as you aren’t remodeling the only bathroom. This is also why if you decide to upgrade all your bathrooms that you should hire a contractor to only work on one bathroom at a time.

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Replacing the Windows and Doors

When it comes to home improvement projects, people often think only of the aspects of their home that exist indoors, completely forgetting that the exterior of their home plays a huge part in how the home looks!

If you truly want to transform the look of your house, then it’s time to consider changing the windows and doors to be more upgraded and stylish. This will have your home looking brand new in no time at all.

Many people forget to consider their doors and windows when preparing for a remodel. But this is a very easy way to upgrade your home! Switching out doors and windows typically doesn’t take more than a day or two, and the house is almost always livable while this occurs.

This is also a great time to consider how your home looks on the exterior. Do you want a more farmhouse vibe? Then buy small-paned windows and paint the trim white and swap your door out for a white one. Or you can go for a more modern look with large picture windows and a dark door.

You should keep in mind that if you wanted to add a window to a room or make a certain window larger, this is a good time to do this as well. This is just a slightly bigger project, but, if done correctly, it can transform a home from outdated to modern with a few small changes.

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Install New Flooring

Just as the preferred style of kitchens and bathrooms changes over the years, so too does the style of flooring. While your house may have been very chic when you purchased it with beautiful wall-to-wall white carpets, they may no longer be white or look great in your home.

Changing the flooring of your home is a bigger home improvement project than you may realize, but it is one of the best ways to change the look of your entire house all at once.

There are many different kinds of flooring out there to suit any family and lifestyle. For those with pets and kids, something like hardwood is probably preferable because it is easy to clean and stands up to even the biggest messes. But if you live somewhere cold, then you may prefer a warm and cozy carpet between your feet and the floors.

Because you spend more time touching flooring than almost any other aspect of your house, it is crucial that you get a style of flooring that you are comfortable walking on in all seasons of the year. If you do decide to go with hardwood, don’t forget that you can add a throw rug during the colder seasons of the year, while a choice like a carpet typically can’t be changed to suit the season.

You can also look into different types of tile flooring, some of which may be even more resistant to messes than the aforementioned hardware floors. And with tiles, you can usually choose from a wide range of colors and styles to suit and décor you may already have in place.

The cool thing about tile is that you can also mix and match to make neat patterns or designs! Therefore this is a great time to be creative and ask yourself what you really want a room to look like. And remember that you can always change the style and décor of a room to match the floor later.

The reason that changing the flooring is considered a bigger project is because, in order to change the flooring, you have to remove everything that is on the floor. And if you are changing all the flooring in your house at one time, this may require renting a storage unit for a few days. This also may mean that you and your family will need to spend a night or two in a hotel while the work is completed.

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Final Thoughts

Home improvement projects are a great way to transform the look and feel of your home. But they can also be expensive, meaning you need to choose the projects that you invest in for your home carefully.

As long as you choose one of the aforementioned projects on this list, you will truly transform the look of your home—even if you pick just one project! And don’t be afraid to tap into your creative side as you make these changes because that is one of the joys of owning a home—being able to change its entire look whenever you want!

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