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5 Small Home Office Ideas That Will Make Working from Home Fun

Working from home is becoming the new normal for many folks, but not many people have an extra room to use as a home office. Without a designated room, many people do not think they have the space for a home office anywhere at home. However, there are ways to get the most out of the space you have for a home office that will make working from home fun.

It can be difficult to transition to working from home, so you want a space that will be conducive to the work you will be doing. You also want your home office space to reflect your personality and your goals. Read on to discover five small office ideas that will make working from home fun.

Use the Space You Have

The size of your home can dictate what kind of home office you have. You may have a spare room you can convert into an office, which is great. However, for most, this is not really an option. Instead, you have to use the space you already have.

Finding space to create a home office, however, can be difficult. This is especially true if you do not have very much space, to begin with. However, it is not impossible, and it can be a fun challenge.

Think about each room in your home, whether it is a house or an apartment. Is there any space that can be converted into a small office? You do not need much room. Any space can be transformed into a workstation that will create the right atmosphere for you to work.

Consider the following places in your home and think about whether you can convert these areas to a home office.

  • Living room. Your living room may not seem like the best place for an office, but it can work with a little planning. For example, you may have space in one corner that can be fitted with a small desk and some storage. You can create a cozy office space there.
  • Staircase landing. In some homes, there is a small area at the top of the staircase that is, more or less, unused. This little area can easily be converted. Desks come in all sizes, so you can find one that fits. Also, it is small and private and away from the hustle and bustle of the household.
  • Nooks and crannies. Every home and apartment has nooks and crannies that are not being utilized. Consider an alcove or unused hallway that is not getting much use. You can convert these areas into great small offices. For example, perhaps you have a small corner in the den or hallway that can be converted.
  • Under a staircase. Many homes have areas beneath the staircase, too. These areas can be converted into a private, little home office easily. It is a great way to make this area functional.

The idea is to get the most out of the space you have. If you do not have a spare room, you have to get creative. This may mean you have to move things around to make space, but it will be worth it in the end.

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Convert a Walk-In Closet

If you have a walk-in closet then you have a perfect space for a home office. While it may take some rearranging, it is an excellent space for a home office.

Some walk-in closets have open areas where you can easily fit a desk, a chair, and some small storage united. If your walk-in closet is filled entirely with clothes, do not fret. You can rearrange the clothes racks and still fit a desk. A good home remodeling contractor can turn a small, cramped space into an amazing office environment.

A walk-in closet provides several benefits that some other home offices do not. Such as:

  • Full privacy. Nobody will randomly pass through a walk-in closet, so you do not have to worry about anyone accidentally walking past you during an important Zoom meeting. Moreover, your walk-in closet has a door for added privacy.
  • Since your closet will be filled with shirts and pants and shoes, it is naturally soundproofed. This makes it a great place to have Skype and Zoom meetings.
  • Pre-existing storage. Many walk-in closets already have shelves mounted on the walls or above the racks. These storage areas can be reutilized for your office. You do not have to worry about bringing in much (if any) extra storage for your office space.

You can make your space your own by adding personal items, such as photographs, calendars, and more. A lot can fit into a walk-in closet. It is just about utilizing the space to its fullest potential.

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Create a Space Near a Window

Lighting is a very important aspect of any office. You do not want to be working in conditions that are not conducive to productivity. Working in a low-light situation can have negative effects. Of course, everyone is different and you may find your best work is done with less light, however, good, even lighting is recommended for most.

Natural light is the best choice. It is soft but powerful, and it will lift your mood, which is great for an office space. You want to be working at your best level, so having a window nearby is the perfect place. Yet, a window does more than just provide natural lighting for your office.

  • Opens up the space. A home office, especially when tight on space, can feel claustrophobic. If you are using windowless areas in your home, it can seem as if you are being packed in. A window opens the space up by opening up to the world outside.
  • Supplies fresh air. Fresh air is great for a small home office because it will raise your spirits. How often are you working and just want to go outside for a few minutes? When you work away from a window, the air can get stale. A window can be opened and you can feel the fresh air brush against you as you work.
  • Supplies something visually stimulating. A window can be better than a plain wall because it is visually pleasing. Moreover, the world passes by outside and changes every day, so you can see these changes as you work, which can offer a welcomed aesthetic from the monotony of a plain wall.

If you can manage to create a space near a window, you should do it. The light and energy it provides will make working from home fun since you can see your neighborhood and breathe fresh air all day instead of just on your break.

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Choose the Right Accessories

A small office you can work from at home is not just the space you are using. It is about the accessories you use to fill that space. When you work in a dull, uninspired space, your work will reflect that. Therefore, you want to make sure your space is filled with accessories that will help you stay focused, alert, and energized.

Moreover, you want to be sure the accessories you are using are top-notch so that your work flows smoothly. Focus on some of the following accessories.

  • A comfortable chair
  • Decors such as plants or paintings
  • Wire management
  • Creative storage areas
  • Multiple monitors for your computer

These accessories can make all the difference. Make note of what is important and necessary for your best work to come out. You can plan accordingly once you know what your goals are for your office space.

If you want to have fun working from home, take advantage of the fact you can do whatever you wish with your office space.

A Comfortable Chair is Important

When choosing a chair for your home office, you need to focus on how comfortable it is. You do not want an uncomfortable chair that promotes slouching.

Try to focus on getting a cushioned chair with good back support. Moreover, make sure it is adjustable so that you can change its height depending on the height of the desk.

Your best work comes about when you are comfortable. Your work will suffer when you slouch and are moving around a lot trying to get comfortable.

Decor Can Breathe Life into Your Office

You need to also think about how you will decorate your office space. Consider bringing plants into your office. Plants can bring a lot of color and can bring a piece of nature into your area, which can brighten your mood as you work.

You should also consider little things you can place around your office to make it more fun and engaging. Consider framed photographs, bobbleheads, and other little things that are special to you.

Wire Management is Key

With all the technological equipment necessary in today’s workplace, you are going to deal with wires. Now, you may have many wireless applications, which is great. Wireless equipment saves space and tangled headaches.

However, you may still have wires to deal with. Make sure your wires are sorted out. Consider twist-ties to keep them organized. Moreover, try and get a powerstrip instead of trying to plug them all into wall sockets. Keep them out of the way but organized to keep your areas looking clean.

Get Creative with Storage

When you do not have a lot of space, you want great storage. However, sometimes you need to get creative. The best option is to use storage that goes vertical to save on floor space.

Moreover, opt for desks that have built-in storage to save on space. You can also have pieces of furniture, like a footrest, that double as a storage area. When your office space is not in use, you do not want all your tools out and about. To create a clean-looking space, storage is crucial.

Consider Multiple Monitors for Your Computer

Multiple monitors have many benefits. It is easier to look at multiple documents at once. It is easier to have your research on one monitor and your writing on another. In short, it provides you with double the workspace.

If you can afford to add a second monitor, it is advantageous. It will also make your office look more stylish and will add to the atmosphere of your area.

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Get Creative with Your Desk Choice

Your desk is one of the most important aspects of your office, so it is important to give it good consideration. You may opt for a standard work desk, which is fine. If this is what you prefer, and you have the space for it, there is no problem.

However, sometimes you need to get creative. You may need to opt for a minimalist desk that is small and can fit into tight places. You may also want a desk that has no drawers (a lot of leg space) but still has some storage on top for pens, pencils, paper clips, and other similar items. Some ideas for desks include:

  • Pre-existing shelves and sideboards. Your apartment or home may have shelves or sideboards that already exist and can be transformed into a workstation. In this case, you are using what is already there for your office.
  • Standing desk. A standing desk can be raised and you do not need a chair. Some standing desks can be lowered if you ever feel the need to sit.
  • Desk built into the wall. You may also opt to build a desktop into the wall. This can save space and create ample legroom.

You may also decide you need to use a table instead of a desk. A table can play double duty in areas such as the living room. During the day, it is your desk. During the evening, it can be a hobby area or place to eat while watching television.


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