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7 Amazing Bump-out Addition Ideas That You’ll Love

Have you been wanting a fantastic mudroom or maybe a new sunroom but don’t have enough space for it? You don’t have to move or buy a bigger house, as a bump-out home addition could solve your problem. You do need space outside to extend a section of your existing home.

Before you start your bump-out addition project, there is some information you should have. See below for some suggestions for bump-outs and what you need to achieve the perfect extension to your home.


Here are 7 Stunning Bump-outs to Consider

A bump-out can improve any room by making it bigger or adding something new to it. Bump-outs are by no means full-on additions, but they add to your home much-needed square footage by sometimes bumping out just a few feet.

Some of the places you can bump out are:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • home office
  • bedroom

You can get creative and add the finishing touches to your living space. See below for some suggestions.

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Would You Like a Sunroom?

Do you enjoy sitting outside but cannot stand the bugs and the heat? Consider a sunroom as a bump-out and make it an all-season room because it is attached to the home. Since there is an opening between the two, the heat and air conditioning will feed into that space.

Enjoy some hanging greenery and comfortable seating.  This sunroom would be a wonderful place to have your breakfast or read a book. A room filled with sunlight is uplifting and great for gathering with others. Enjoy the view of nature.

The sunroom does not have to be massive, and 8 feet by 10 feet would be enough space for you to enjoy the room. You could place your room on an existing deck or ground level as long as the area is surveyed and approved by a builder and architect.

Extend Your Kitchen with a Bay Window

Have you ever wanted to make banquette seating in your kitchen? You can replace existing windows with bay windows.  Bump out the space and install the bay style.  You will need to cantilever this bump-out. This addition will probably be more comprehensive than the existing opening.

The bay is the perfect place to install banquette seating. Once your window is complete, you can place a table and chairs in front of it. Banquette seating has become quite popular and allows for more people. Dress up the bench with a nice cushion and pillows.

This addition will be welcome, and the view will be fantastic.

bedroom ensuite bump put

Bump out Your Bedroom to Make Room for an En Suite.

Suppose you have always wanted an en suite for your master bedroom. Bump out your bedroom to make way for a larger bathroom on an inside wall. Plumbing should be on inside walls because there is less chance of freezing in cold weather. Bump out about five feet and the length of the bedroom.

Once you are done, you should have ample room to increase the size of the bathroom and install:

  • Good size shower
  • Soaker tub
  • Toilet
  • Double sink

You can build yourself a spa-like experience in your new bathroom. The bump-out could be less after you consult with your architect.

Basement Remodels What Are the Costs-by-element-home-remodeling-Bay-Area-Contractors

Would You Like to Create a Double Basement for Entertaining?

Extending your basement could be a good choice if you love to entertain but just don’t have the space. This bump-out takes some planning and advice from an architect or an engineer.  According to local building codes, you will tell the pro what you want, and they will tell you what you can have.

If the basement is entirely underground and the land is flat, you can build your bump out and cover the concrete top with earth. Once the extension is complete, you then cut through the inner wall to open the bump-out.

The bump-out could make room for a pool table or a little home movie theater. Whatever space you have made, you can use it for fun and recreational purposes. If you have small children, a playroom may be a good option for the space.

If the slope of the land exposes the top part of the bump-out, then consider a bump-out on top of the basement extension. Doing this would create a two-story bump-out.

breakfast nook

Would You Like to Add a Breakfast Nook to Your Kitchen?

They say that a kitchen is the heart of the home, so what better way to spend time with your family than the breakfast nook? Most kitchens are on the ground floor, so no cantilever is necessary.  You can construct a foundation that will shore up the bump-out.

You could put windows around your nook to soak up the morning sun while drinking your cup of coffee. You could also use the nook for your children to do their homework or to make crafts.  The bump-out of around 8ft. x 8ft. would be cozy and have more than ample room to place some benches and a lovely table.

small office in closet

Do You Work from Home? How About an Office?

Individuals are working from home a lot more these days. Making room for a home office would be advantageous for the at-home professional. The space does not need to be huge. A room for a desk, chair, and small sitting area would be perfect. A built-in bookshelf would add a nice touch.

The size of the bump-out depends upon which floor you are on. The ground floor can be more significant; however, the upper level will have to be cantilevered, so you cannot extend out as far. A 5ft. x 10 ft. bump-out will give plenty of space for a comfortable workspace.

With just a few renovations, you can have your very own home office. You can make the room as professional as you want with just a little extra space. Your office can be on any level of the house.

mudrooms in Mountain View CA

How About a Place for Your Shoes and to Fold Your Clothes?

The mudroom combines the convenience of having a first-floor laundry and a place to store shoes and coats. Your bump out for this would not be very large and could be built on a foundation. A room that measures 10 ft x 10 ft would be a great space for this mudroom.

The entry would be on the side near the driveway. Just inside the door, there would be a bench for your packages or groceries before you take them to the kitchen. Next, there is a spacious hall tree for coats and shoes.

The room would accommodate a full-size washer and dryer (front loading). There would also be a sink next to the washer for cleaning up messes. You might even have enough room for a cold drink refrigerator for those hot days.

As you can see, the option of the bump-out is a good one because you can add the space you need without creating an addition.  There are other suggestions for bump-outs, as seen below:

  • Adding space for an appliance or installing a kitchen island
  • Extending the length of the counter in the kitchen
  • Putting in a larger closet or bay window with seating in a bedroom
  • Bump out the garage to make space for a work area

Parameters for a Bump-Out

A bump-out is smaller than a whole room addition. It is an expansion of an already existing room. A bump-out is an extension of a room that was not part of the original floor plan. It is essential to mention that a bump-out is not a full-blown addiction.

There are some basic rules for bump-out projects, as they can be as small as two ft. and as far as 15 ft. from the main structure. A 15 -foot bump-out can add 45 square feet. They must also follow local and international building codes.

The following are some facts to know regarding your bump-out:

  • Small bump-outs use cantilevers– A cantilever is a beam supported at one end and carries the load at the other end. Cantilevers support small bump-outs. Bigger bump-outs need support posts.
  • They do not need an HVAC system because the existing room air will spill into the new area. Bump-outs are not big enough to require a heating and cooling system.
  • They typically have a lean-to roof, which is a popular roofing style. Bump-outs are usually can be equipped with their lead-to or shed roofing. It might have a flat roof and possibly a gutter system.
  • Bump-outs tend to blend in with the exterior of the home because they are smaller. There is not a lot of change to the outside of the house. Efforts to match the home’s previous color and coverings are essential.

Bump-outs are often used to extend smaller rooms, such as kitchens, home offices, or bedrooms. Bump-outs have many different purposes. Bump-outs can be used to add more storage space or a bigger kitchen. You can use these extensions to expand a bathroom that is too small or needs a bigger shower.

What is the Purpose of a Bump-Out?

The bump-out is a way to add some extra living space to your home without the cost of a significant addition.  These small projects can help enlarge your:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Office

The bump-out can provide much-needed extra space for any room you choose and extend anywhere from 2 ft. to 15 ft.  You would not believe how the space will open up with just a few feet added to your existing area.


Do I Need an Architect for a Bump-Out Addition?

It is always a wise choice to get the advice of a professional.  An architect can help you navigate through your project from inception to completion. You will be making changes to the outside of the home that will require certain things. You can also work with a design build contractor that uses in-house architects for a more streamlined home addition process.

  • Drawings made to scale and stamped by the architect.
  • County, Burrough, or township approval of the drawings
  • Permits

Usually, the contractor secures the permit for you. You might need more than one permit if plumbing and electrical components are included. You can also secure your permits.

If you hire a contractor, they will help you with the scope of work, ordering materials, a schedule for the arrival of materials, and a completion date. The contractor can also act as a liaison between you and the architect or engineer on your project. Element Home Remodeling is a design build contractor specializing in creating beautiful custom home designs, check out our project gallery here to learn more.



Bump-outs might increase your home’s value. But one thing they will increase is the enjoyment you get out of your home. It’s a way of customizing your home without going all out on the work and expense of an addition.

All of these are great ideas to consider when making bump-outs to your home. The bump-out does still require permitting and approval of architectural drawings just as an addition would. The renovations you make to your home will give you the extra space you need without adding a full-size room.

If you are in The Bay Area and considering a bump-out home addition project, contact Element Home Remodeling today for a free consultation.  We are experts at home additions and custom bump-outs and are one of the highest rated home addition contractors in The Bay Area.

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