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Amazing Home Renovation Ideas For Small Homes

The most common renovation projects for owners of smaller homes  is to maximize the space and storage areas. Due to home prices in the Bay Area, many homeowners end up buying smaller homes and need to maximize the space as much as possible.  This may involve creating additional living space by converting an attic or garage into a livable area or simply taking the existing spaces and being creative by adding more functional spaces as well as making the rooms feel bigger and brighter.

There are several other remodeling projects that are ideal for small homes and we’ll discuss some of them below. All it takes is a little planning, innovation and inspiration to successfully renovate a smaller home.

Adding storage space

Additonal storage space ideas
Many small homes become cluttered due to a lack of storage space. However, you can create space and become more organized by installing things such as rotating cupboards in kitchen corners, additional shelving, and wall cabinets in a bathroom. Also, you can hang pots and pans in the kitchen from the ceiling or on the walls. When it comes to the bedrooms you can place drawers under the beds for additional storage.

Lighting ideas

lighting ideas kitchen
Hallways and rooms can appear to be larger and more spacious than they are through brighter lighting options. Extra lighting can also be achieved by adding mirrors to your decor and you may want to let more light in through the windows by using stylish blinds rather than curtains. Sliding doors are also a fine way to open a room up to outdoor spaces and enabling more natural light. Another way to allow more light into a small home is through glass ceilings since sunroofs bring in plenty of light and warmth.

Using your spaces as multi-purpose rooms

Bonus room ideas

If you have limited space in your home you may want to get the most out of it by designing multi-purpose rooms. You can do this by using the living room as a guest room or spare bedroom, by placing a sofa bed or futon in it rather than a conventional couch. Another example would be doubling a guest room as an office by adding a desk and chair etc.

Transforming small, awkward spaces

storage under stairs

You can utilize your home’s smallest nooks and crannies by installing shelves. This includes areas under the stairwells and in any lofts you may have. In fact, lofts can make ideal bedrooms, playrooms, and reading rooms if they’re big enough.

Color schemes

Color options walls
The color of your rooms may also affect the feel of space in them. For instance, darker colors typically make rooms feel more enclosed, gloomy and small, while brighter or neutral colors generally have the opposite effect. This applies to the color of the walls, floors and ceiling.

Open-floor plan

Open floor plan home
If you’d really like to open up the space in the home you can consider unifying the living room with the kitchen and/or dining room areas. You can achieve this by removing any separating walls to create more space.  By removing non-load bearing walls in a small home and joining rooms together you can make the home feel bigger and more open.


Add crown molding

tray ceiling with crown molding
The standard height of ceilings in homes is eight feet but you can make them appear to be higher by adding crown molding.  Or for a more elegant look, add tray ceilings along with crown molding.


modern bathroom remodel Bay Area
There are several things which can create additional space in smaller bathrooms such as pedestal sinks, furniture style vanities, recessed shelving/cabinets, a walk-in shower, larger mirror, and a pocket door.

Create a master suite

master bedroom suite remodel Mountain View Ca
Depending on how many bedrooms you use or need, you can always create a larger bedroom by knocking down a wall and combining two bedrooms into one. For instance, if you find yourself with a bedroom you’re not using you can create a spacious master suite or bedroom.

There are numerous ways to create more space in a smaller home through remodeling. What you ultimately decide on will basically come down to your lifestyle, personal tastes and preferences and what you use your home’s space for.

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