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Bay Area homeowners who are seeking for design, building and renovation assistance can find what they’re looking for with our experienced team of professionals at Element Home Remodeling Contractors.

We provide design-build service for unique, custom homes as well as renovations and home additions. We work hand in hand with our clients to make sure their ideas and concepts can be realized within their budget and time line.


The Design-Bid-Build Process

The design-bid-build method has been the traditional way of building and renovating California homes for many years. This means homeowners pay a designer/architect to develop their plans without them always knowing the actual cost of following the plans out. When this happens, many homeowners are surprised to find the cost of building their home is far higher than their planned budget.

Once the plans have been completed the potential homeowner then needs to find an experienced and qualified builder to bid on the plans. In reality, one person is handling the designing and planning while another is taking care of the construction and they work separately. This results in the client having to deal with two different companies and trying to entice them to work in sync. If there are any disputes or disagreements between the two it could lead to higher costs and/or delays.

The Design-Build Method

With the design-build method the same contractor takes care of both the design and the construction process which means they know exactly how much the job will cost. We can offer our assistance and suggestions on ways to make sure the construction work can be completed within your budget without sacrificing the quality and outcome whatsoever.

 There’s no waiting around to have your drawings completed and having them awarded to a bidder. We handle all of the details from start to finish and are well prepared to make any modifications if needed. This allows clients to deal with one company and one contract at all times. We will be with you from the design/planning stage all the way to completion of construction with all involved working together as a cohesive team with the same goal. 

All components of the building or renovation project are handled by element Home Remodeling including dealing with trusted subcontractors and suppliers etc. 


About Element Home Remodeling

We are a fully-licensed and insured design-build contracting company in Mountain View and serve the entire Bay Area.  We offer free on-site estimates and consultations. Our team consists of experienced architects, designers and builders who are available to clients around the clock.

We are here to help develop your renovating and building dreams while adding character, functionality and style to the finished project. Deadlines and budgets are are always met while project managers are on hand to supervise the entire project.

We specialize in all types of renovations and construction processes including kitchen remodeling, living rooms, bathrooms, backyards-and-decks etc, room additions, floor installation, entire homes and commercial remodeling.

Our reputation with our clients has been built and maintained on pleasant and smooth communication, trust and satisfaction. We are here to help in any way we can to make sure your project is handled properly and professionally from start to finish. For more information please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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