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Professional Floor Installation Services In Mountain View CA

Element Home Remodeling offers floor installation services for all types of floors. We are licensed and insured general B contractors located in and serving Mountain View, CA. and the surrounding areas.  Our skilled personnel can replace or install any type of floor material, including wood, vinyl or tile, to give your home a polished look.

Common Types Of Flooring Material To Install In Your Home- If you are working on a building project or you simply want to replace your floor, there are a wide variety of installation options to choose from. While some floor options are best suited for certain spaces, others are fit for installation throughout the home. Below are some common flooring options and the best places to install them:

Tiles- Tiles are quite popular and come in a variety of colors, ranging from large monochrome pieces to tiny mosaics. They are also available in a wide range of materials including porcelain, glazed ceramic, marble, slate, travertine and granite. Glazed ceramic and porcelain are both durable and scratch resistant making them the best choice to install on highly trafficked floors. Tiles are also water resistant and easy to clean, so you can place them in the dining areas and bathrooms. Non-slip tiles should be placed in wet areas like bathrooms to prevent accidents. Since they are cold, you may want to avoid using them in the living room unless you plan on adding rugs.

Hardwood Flooring-  Wooden floors have a truly rustic and stylish look and go well with most furniture. Although expensive, wood is easily installed. It can also be set as a “floating floor” using planks. You can use hardwood on your living room floor but not in areas with high traffic or high-moisture areas, such as bathrooms. Hardwoods need a lot of maintenance, as the wooden floor requires refinishing to keep it water resistant. It is vulnerable to scratches if not kept clean.

Laminates- Laminate flooring gives a wooden look and feel to your floor and is a highly cost-effective option if hardwood flooring is beyond your budget. Laminate is made of resin and wood pulp and can easily pass for a hardwood floor. However, unlike a hardwood floor, which can be refinished if showing signs of wear, a laminate floor cannot be repaired once damaged. It is also susceptible to moisture damage and therefore should not be installed in areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Vinyl- Vinyl is made of plastic and is a versatile choice in terms of color and style. It is also durable, water resistant and can replicate the look of a wooden floor. Vinyl holds up well against scratches and is well suited to withstand high traffic so you can install it in your kitchen and even bathroom. The fact that it is quite affordable makes vinyl an easy flooring investment.

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