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5 Fantastic Garage Remodeling Ideas

One overlooked and underused part of your house may be the garage. For most people, a garage is a place that serves only one purpose: to house your car, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle. Others may use it simply as a storage unit. However, your garage does not have to be relegated to just storage. Remodeling your garage does not have to be a stressful endeavor.

Whether you want it to look better or you want an entirely new living space within your home, you should consider remodeling your garage. Read on to discover five fantastic garage remodeling ideas you should consider today.

Insulate Your Garage

Your garage is probably not insulated. In the colder months, you have probably noticed how cold it can get in your garage. Heat cannot be retained if the space is not insulated. Moreover, in the summer, insulation can help keep cool air inside the garage.

There are several reasons you will want to insulate your garage. First, if you want to convert the space into something besides a storage space, you will want it insulated. When you want to spend more time in a space you want to make sure it is comfortable to be in.

Second, even if you do not want your garage to be anything other than a storage space, insulation can protect your vehicle. It can keep the climate-controlled so that your car is not exposed to those extreme temperatures as often as it would be otherwise. Consider these other benefits to an insulated garage.

  • Insulation is the first step in other projects. If you are thinking about converting your garage to a gym or a studio, insulation is key. You want a comfortable space.
  • Insulation can be easily added to most garages. Most garages have exposed beams on the ceiling and walls. Rolls of insulation can easily be installed into these areas without the need for intensive remodeling. However, each garage is different.
  • Insulation can be used with heating methods. You can also utilize a space heater in your garage. A space heater, combined with insulation, can make your garage into a very comfortable living space.

Moreover, you can also install a climate control center in your garage. Consider a unit that can both heat and cool. It can be mounted onto a wall and controlled with a remote control. This is great if you want to control the climate year-round.

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Replace the Flooring in Your Garage

It does not matter if you want to keep your garage as a storage space for your vehicle or other items. Sometimes you need to consider replacing the flooring in your garage. Over time, the floor, usually concrete, can crack and look terrible.

However, what if your floor does not necessarily look like it is in bad shape? One fantastic remodeling idea is to replace it anyway. However, this does not mean you have to get a whole new floor (unless that is what you want). Rather, you can easily paint over it.

There are a few reasons why you would want a new floor in your garage. Consider these reasons as you think about remodeling.

  • It will fix a damaged floor. If your floor has many cracks and breaks in it, a new floor will fix these issues. You do not want a floor that is too damaged because it will only get worse over time.
  • It will look aesthetically pleasing. It may just be a storage space, but you want it to look good, too. A new floor will look pleasing to the eye, and it will complement the walls, the vehicle, and the house, especially when the garage door is open. Remember, many people can see inside the garage from the street.
  • Is essential for a converted space. If your goal is to convert your garage into another living space or recreational area, then you will want a new floor. A concrete floor will not blend well with, for example, a reading room. You want flooring that will match the intended purpose of the space.

You can opt for painting the floor over, which can be a great choice. You may also decide you want a new floor entirely. You can replace your floor with a vinyl floor, rubber floor tiles, or any other style you wish. Of course, certain flooring jobs will cost more than others, so it is important to consider all your options and your budget.

Painting Your Garage Floor

Painting the garage floor is not a very difficult job, but it does require a few steps to get it right. If your garage floor currently has a few minor cracks, it does not mean you cannot paint over it.

  • First, you will want to fill in these cracks. Using a mortar repair compound, you can easily fill these spaces in and smooth them out.
  • Once the cracks are filled, you will next want to see how absorbent your current floor is. If you discover that it absorbs water, then you begin painting. However, if the water gathers into droplets, then you will need to etch your current floor before painting.
  • Whether you need to etch or not, your next step is to prime the floor and then paint it. You can choose any color you like, though white is a good choice as it is minimalist and clean looking. You may not need a second coat of floor paint, but it is okay to apply if needed.

Once your floor is dry, you will be ready to use it. A newly painted floor in your garage can make a giant difference between an old garage and a new one.

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Install Storage Units in Your Garage

Not having enough space in a garage plagues many homeowners. Oftentimes, the garage becomes an unexpected storage center. Items can get piled all around, and sometimes you are left with no room for your car or motorcycle. It is frustrating, especially when you do not know where to put all that stuff.

While you could probably throw away a large portion of the clutter, some of it will remain. What do you do with what you still have? Installing storage into your garage is a great remodeling idea, and it goes a long way in transforming the look and feel of your garage.

  • Storage will open the space up. Clutter can make any space seem claustrophobic, and when this happens you rarely want to step foot in the space. However, when you clear away the clutter, it can change the entire dynamic of the garage. It will seem larger and cleaner.
  • Storage can look good, too. Storage does not have to be office-looking. Storage can look stylish if you choose a type of storage that compliments the rest of the garage. For example, steel shelves vs. wooden ones.
  • Storage will organize your belongings. When you use your garage as storage, it is easy to lose items. You may never know where something is, but when you install storage units, you can organize all your belongings and find them with ease when you need them.

Consider installing vertical storage units. This will save you a lot of floor space. By building your storage upward instead of outward, you will open up the garage space for your vehicle, or for any other purpose, you wish to use your garage.

The walls of your garage seldom get used, so by building storage units directly onto the wall, you are utilizing every part of your garage.

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Convert Your Garage to a Spare Room

If you are not using your garage for its intended purpose, or you just want more space in your house, then you may want to convert your garage into a spare room. Who does not want more space?

Many remodeling ideas can be incorporated into converting your garage into a new room. Changing the flooring; insulating the walls, doors, and ceiling; and installing storage units all help begin the process of converting the room.

However, what exactly do you want to convert your room to? There are many options available to you, and each is special in its own way. It depends on your personality and what you want from your space. Consider these options when you want to convert your garage into a spare room.

  • Home theater. If you have ever wanted a home theater, your garage is the perfect place. You can install a screen and projector, soundproof the walls, and install a surround sound system. When the room is properly heated, it can provide a great movie retreat.
  • Personal gym. A personal gym is one of the most popular conversions people do with their garages. You can install workout equipment, a small refrigerator for water and other sports drinks, and more.
  • Spare bedroom. Turning your garage into a spare bedroom or apartment is another common conversion. You can finish the walls and paint them, or you may decide you want wallpaper. Either way, making sure the garage is fully insulated is crucial since this will become a living space.
  • Bar and lounge. This is a great option if you like entertaining guests and want a specific area to do so. Put memorabilia on the walls, install a nice bar top, and store all your favorite drinks there. You can also bring in tables and chairs. It will be like having your own pub right on your property.
  • Office space. If you work a lot from home but are tired of working at the desk in your room or at the kitchen table, then converting your garage into an office space can be a great idea.
  • Laundry room. A laundry room is a very practical use of the extra space in your garage. Many people do not have a dedicated laundry room. Sometimes it is even located in the basement. Having a laundry room in the garage is more convenient and out of the way.

You do not have to convert the entire garage, either. If you have a two-car garage, you could convert one side to something new while retaining the other side as either storage or a place to park your car. It depends on your needs and what you want from your garage.

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Install Windows and Lighting

Many garages do not have windows, or they do not have enough windows. Without windows, the space can seem smaller and uninviting. Moreover, windows provide good ventilation when the garage doors are closed.

Garages also do not always have the best lighting. If your space is just for storage, then maybe you can get away with a single lightbulb, but most people will want more light.

  • Windows let in natural light. Having multiple windows for your garage will let in more natural light, which will help create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Lamps can add to the decor of a converted space. If you have converted your garage into a new space, then using different types of lamps can add a nice ambiance. Moreover, having a variety of lighting sources will add to the atmosphere you are going for.
  • Stronger lighting is more practical. If you are maintaining your garage as a workspace for your vehicles, then having stronger lighting is much more practical.

You can also get creative with the light you are using. There are far more options out there than just white LED bulbs these days.


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