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Home Remodeling Ideas For A Small House

Remodeling a home is a large undertaking no matter the size of the house. However, when you have less room to work with a smaller house, you might have to get a little more creative. The nice thing about remodeling in a smaller house is that you have the ability to put together fun nooks and crannies that most houses might not have, and gives you and your family a different experience.

Remodeling ideas for a smaller house come in many different forms. You could add more cabinets and storage space, turn specific rooms into multi purpose rooms, or add skylights and more windows to give your rooms and house a more open concept experience. Smaller houses may come with limits, but they come with a myriad of opportunities as well.

No matter the size of your house, there are going to be ways to create the fun livable space you are going for, and one that will provide a unique experience to not just your family, but your guests as well. Some ideas utilize current space, while others are slight structural changes to instill an entirely new ambiance to your living space. Continue reading to find out more ways to add a little extra something to your home.


Renovation Ideas

If you are looking to upgrade your home, but not sure where to start, scroll through the list below to gain some insight on all the different ways to successfully remodel a smaller house. Whether you are planning to sell or want to stay in the same stop and just modernize, these ideas will add value and fun aesthetics to your humble abode.


New Paint

It might not sound like much, but changing color schemes in certain areas throughout your house can add some extra flare that will grab everyone’s attention. Whether that is redoing the cabinets, doors, trim, or a little bit of everything, the addition of some bright and modern colors can really make a room pop.

If you are operating on a budget but want to upgrade the small accessories like hinges and doorknobs, you can use the same method and just paint them! With so many different types of paints and colors, you can get a particular finish that you are going for without it being a giveaway that it only took a little fresh paint to make it good as new!

fresh paint

Multi Purpose Rooms and Furniture

A great way to get the most use out of a smaller space is to design certain rooms to serve multiple functions. For example, your kitchen could also be your dining room, the living room could act as a party room, and a guest bedroom could also serve as an office. When you are able to use rooms for multiple purposes without having a hitch in your lifestyle, a small space can seem much bigger by what it can offer.

barn doors

Sliding Barn Door

Something that you don’t always see, but when you do, it makes a subtle statement. In a smaller space, a sliding barn door can be used to conceal other storage space, or even be what separates two rooms.

Not only does it add a different aesthetic to the room, but it also helps you save room by not having a door that sings out either way. If you have ever had a tight space where you had to swing a door open, you know the nuisance of trying to move out of the way of the door so you can get it completely open. With a sliding door, it does not take up extra room and looks good doing it.

gshaped kitchen

Change Backsplash in the Kitchen

We have covered what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room, but when it comes to upgrading a smaller kitchen space, there’s only so much you can do. However, something like a new backsplash can change the game entirely.

Depending on the current style or the potential new style of your kitchen, you are sure to find a backsplash to match it. Look at the cabinets and countertops, decide if either might change color or texture, then add a new backsplash to match. The backsplash is one of those subtle pieces in a house that adds a nice touch to whatever room it is in.

Loft Area

Lofted Areas

A lofted area can look great even in a bigger space, but if you have just slightly more than closet space, a loft can be a saving grace. As long as your space has higher ceilings, a creative loft can be crafted to create an entire bedroom without taking up more floor space. If able, build up!

Aside from saving space, a loft can be a cool way to tap back into the childhood love of tree houses and secret hideaways. It is sort of hidden in plain sight and out of the way enough that people will have to actually be paying attention to the room to grasp the full vibe of the space. If you have a loft as your bedroom, you can also have your own way of closing it off . Whether that’s expandable dividers or beads, a loft is at the sole hands of the creator.


Add a Skylight and More Windows

For those extra cramped (and possibly fairly dim) spaces, a window can do it a whole lot of justice. Adding some natural light during the day along with the ability to see in and out of your home can change the depth perception and make the room and house seem bigger than it actually is. So if you have some rooms that need a little sprucing up, think about installing extra windows throughout the house.

Aside from just adding more windows, a skylight or even a glass ceiling can fulfill multiple enjoyments. It can be great to have that extra sunlight coming through the house, but if you enjoy stargazing, then having a skylight that allows you to see the stars above can prove to be a feature that stands out compared to other homes.

wood butcher block island

Add an Island to the Kitchen

When people talk about having an island in their kitchen, it comes off as if it has to be this lavish centerpiece of the kitchen. However, even a simpler island can have a profound effect and give any kitchen that simple sense of a “nicer touch.”

Even if your kitchen happens to be a high traffic area, a smaller island can be more of a focal point and hangout spot rather than an obstacle in the way. If your cabinet space is spoken for, an island can be an aesthetically pleasing accessory to help increase your storage space as well. Useful in multiple ways, an island can be a vital addition to a smaller kitchen.


Build a Deck, Patio, or External Pathway

We have been mostly focused on the interior of remodeling a smaller home, so you might be wondering if there is anything that can be done to the outside. And yes, there are a few things that you can do, providing that the space around your home is enough to build the extras. With these quick projects, the outdoor area of your home will make it feel bigger, more inviting, and give it an overall sense of completion.


If your yard has limited space, then a patio might be your best bet. Even a small laid down patio can be a nice touch and offer a space to stand outside and share some cocktails or even set up the grill. A backyard is nice, but a patio can help open things up to add that feeling of something a little extra.


If you have a little more room, or are able to build up, then a great deck can create a lot more space outside of your home. A deck can be decorated many different ways and can be utilized as a day time, night time, or any time type of space. A popular trend is to hang strands of lights overhead so it lights up the sitting area, but does not blind anyone nor attract too many bugs, and adds a nice ambiance.

As a self proclaimed sucker for a good deck, this would be one of the more ideal options to spice up your backyard, and might even add value to the entire house.


Say you have a nice fenced in backyard with a gate that guests can walk through to get into the house, a pathway is going to add a luxurious touch. A pathway can be made out of multiple materials ranging from individual big, flat stones to a full on pebble path. Either way, when a guest is walking up to your home through a put together backyard and on an actual pathway, it will make them feel like they are walking up the red carpet to enter your house.

under bed storage

Multi Purpose Furniture

If you enjoy entertaining guests and tend to need some extra space for some overnighters, then having furniture that can provide more than one function can become quite handy. Something like a pull out couch or even a hideabed saves space while being able to increase occupancy. Nowadays, pull out couches are fashionable enough to where most people won’t even be able to tell it turns into a bed.

With a smaller home, it is unlikely that you will have a guest bedroom, so there may be a bit more improvising. Crashing on a living room couch is typically all one needs, but if you are able to turn that couch into a decent bed, then your guest(s) will be much more grateful. Having a piece of furniture that can serve multiple purposes not only saves you space, but takes up the same amount of room as a normal couch yet adds twice the amount of value.


Final Thoughts

Remodeling and renovations do not have to always be these elaborate changes, although sometimes they accidentally turn into just that. If you have a bit smaller home, but are wanting to get a little more use out of it, the above ideas should help give you a good starting point to where you can make a few changes at a time without the projects getting in the way of your daily life.

A great house remodel might have lavish upgrades and additions, but with a smaller home, the smallest tweaks can have the most influential impact. From backsplashes to sliding doors and outdoor patios, renovating a small home can still give you the fun and fulfillment of doing the projects but with a lot less stress and hassle, and all the same feelings of having an upgraded home.


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