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How much does a bathroom remodeling cost in the Bay Area?

In this article we will focus on the cost of remodeling a bathroom in the Bay Area in addition, we will go over some key points on what to expect from your bathroom remodeling project and how to get it started. So stay tuned.

Remodeling a bathroom in the Bay Area typically costs between $15,000 – $30,000 for labor, design and rough materials only. That largely depends on the scope of work involved in your project.  New finishes, such as paint and tile, will run on the lower end. Replacing fixtures, especially relocating them, will push you towards the higher end of the range. 

When estimating the cost of a bathroom remodeling there are two main biding factors to consider:

The cost for labor, rough materials and the cost of finish materials :
Most contractors in the bay area will provide a bid based on labor and rough materials only. Leaving the budget and choice of finish materials up to you. This is a great bidding method, it gives you full control over choosing were to buy the materials and of course setting your own budget for material shopping.

Others bathroom remodeling contractors will provide you with a bid that includes both finish materials and labor. This in my opinion isn’t an ideal option as the contractor will limit your options in regards to what materials you can choose and were you can buy them from. This leads to having less control over the design and budget.

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The Cost difference between a major cosmetic change to a full bathroom remodeling.

Many home owners mix between a major cosmetic change to a full remodeling project. There is a big difference in both the scope of work and the cost of both projects.

A Major cosmetic change will involve replacing finish martials such as tile, bathtub, paint, vanity etc. In order to update the overall appearance of the bathroom.

The cost for a major bathroom cosmetic change in  the Bay Area can be anywhere between $11,000-$19,000. In addition, if the scope of work does not include  any changes to the layout of the room, obtaining a permit, passing inspections or dealing with the city/ county will not be required. Usually when a permit is not required work can begin almost immediately.

A full bathroom remodeling in the Bay Area will include all the above, in addition to plumbing and electrical work,  relocation of bathroom fixtures such as toilet and shower or replacing the bathtub with a walking shower.

A full bathroom remodeling will require pulling permits which will include permit fees of  $800-$1700. The city/county determents the fees according to the size and cost of the project. Once a permit is approved work can begin.

Most bathroom remodeling contractor In San Jose and the Bay Area will include dealing with the city and obtaining any required permits as part as their services.

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