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How to Maximize the Square Footage of Your Home

Have you recently found yourself looking around your home, thinking it looks too small to live there forever? The good news is, there are a lot of ways to maximize the square footage of your home without ever needing to break down the walls or, even worse, move.

If you are willing to explore the unknown potential of your current living space, then you are in luck. The possibilities to expand the usage of the rooms in your house are almost endless. Below is a list of 8 how-to steps on maximizing the square footage of your home.


How to Maximize Your Living Space with What You Have

Maximize your current living space by utilizing your current furniture and décor for more than one purpose. There is no need to plan a remodel or your next big move.

The median size of a single-family house in 2020 was 2,261 feet. For a first-time homeowner, this may seem like a lot of space. However, you have probably accumulated a few more things over the years that have made this space seem much smaller. Luckily, there is no need to worry if you feel like you are running out of space. Allow the furniture to do some of the work for you.

Ottomans and benches can be used not only for decoration but also as a source of additional storage and seating. When being used as a flexible seating option for your guests, allow the furniture to hide your things while providing comfort for your company.

The other thing is to keep your things organized. It is important, especially in a smaller space, to keep things in their place and easy to find. Knowing where all of your belongings are will also prevent you from buying a duplicate of something, thus reducing your clutter.

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What to Use to Maximize Your Home’s Space

Use larger pieces of furniture to maximize your living space. If you have a large room that looks and feels small, rearrange your furniture to take advantage of the space you have by turning one room into two with your larger furniture pieces.

The key to maximizing your space is to use bigger pieces of furniture, like bookcases and shelving units, to divide your smaller room.

Believe it or not, implementing a rug can also define two spaces from one room while making your space seem even larger at the same time. You can use a rug to make a kitchen seem like dining space, kitchen, and seating area all in one.

Another thing to make your kitchen seem more spacious is to add a centralized kitchen cart or freestanding island. By doing this, you provide yourself with more room to work while also creating more storage space below.

Be sure also to make use of every part of your room and home. The corner of any room is often overlooked when decorating but should not be left empty. If you can, place an accent chair or corner bookshelf in this area to make your space more comfortable.

Lastly, be mindful of the furniture and décor you use to decorate your home. You want to purchase items that accommodate the area that you do have. Armless chairs and sofas appear more contemporary and save a lot of space. Tables and chairs with transparent legs also use less visual space.  They will make your rooms look larger.

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How to Declutter a Room

To reduce the amount of clutter you have, take advantage of every closet in your home and put away the belongings you do not use every day. You should also decorate with fewer, yet larger pieces of furniture to reduce potential clutter by using many smaller pieces of furniture.

If you can, put away all your belongings that you do not necessarily need daily. By reducing the amount of clutter in a potentially smaller room will help eliminate the messy and cluttered feel.

It is also important to use larger yet fewer furniture pieces. If your home is small, it is better to use larger pieces of furniture to reduce the likelihood of you cluttering your room with many smaller pieces of furniture.

Invest in a murphy bed that easily folds up to save space when you are not sleeping. Being able to move freely about your home with ample space to perform any task makes you feel like you are less cramped and have plenty of space to live.

If you do have a smaller home, use less décor. Although it may be tempting at times to cover every inch of your home, the less is more statement holds true. If there are many items you want to display but just do not have the room, rotate them often! Being able to significantly reduce the amount of décor on your countertops and stands, only makes your space feel that more spacious.

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Customize Your Closet to Maximize Your Storage Space

To make your home seem bigger, take advantage of how much extra space you did not know you had in your closet. Do this by adding in an extender rod or shelf and by utilizing the back of your closet door to increase storage space.

The truth is, you have probably realized you have more clothing and shoes to your name than you will ever wear. But that does not mean you want to get rid of them all.

If you do not plan to get rid of any old clothing or shoes, you can take advantage of your closet and the potential space it still has. If you have a walk-in closet, you can add an extender rod to increase your hanging space from one level to two. If not, feel free to add a shelf to the top of the closet. There is often extra vertical space above your hanging rod.

Lastly, do not be afraid to make use of the back of your closet door, either. It can be used to hang things like your shoes and bulky coats. Instead of piling them up at the bottom of your closet, maximize the space you have at your disposal to keep things neat and tidy, too.

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Utilize Storage Totes to Maximize Your Space

If you are limited on closet space, there are other options to provide you more storage places. Using storage totes can minimize the clutter on your floors while also making your home seem more spacious and open.

To some, the thought of storage totes can seem tacky. Store them away in spaces that are not necessarily used in your home. Places like under your bed or at the top of your closet are perfect for hiding the clutter you do not want you or your guests to see each day. If they need to be left out, the best thing to do is label and design them to match your décor.

Storage totes are also perfect for your seasonal decorations and clothing that you need to store for most of the year. In any instance, using storage totes will help reduce your clutter while keeping you and your home organized.

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Repurpose Current Furniture to Save Space in Your Home

When maximizing your home’s space, repurpose items that you may have. Crates and other containers can be stacked and used for storage. Redesign an old dresser to use as an end table and use the drawers for extra storage.

You do not need fancy bookshelves or expensive furniture to maximize your space. You may have crates and containers that are sitting in your kitchen and playroom that you do not know what to do with. Put them to use as extra storage. You can also stack them for easier access when you need them while also keeping your home tidy.

If you do not have the extra crates and containers, there is no need to worry. Old furniture is also a great option when trying to increase space in your home. Redesign an old dresser or stand that you have in a spare room that could be used in a more trafficked room in the house. Just by repurposing what you already have can increase your space by decluttering one area of your house and putting your piece in a better suited room. Not to mention, it will also make you feel like your home is brand new again.

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Using the Right Colors and Natural Light Makes Your Home Feel Larger

If you are looking to maximize your current space or are designing a new home, the best way to make your space look larger is by creating a sense of openness in your home. Do this is by using artificial lighting, solid paint colors and relying on natural light.

White is the ideal paint color to making your space appear as big as possible. However, lighter shades of taupe and pink work just as well.

Also, to trick your eyes into thinking your ceiling height is higher than it really is, paint a picture rail line. When choosing your colors, use a lighter color above the picture rail line and a darker color below the line. Be sure to do this throughout the entire perimeter of the room.

Another simple technique is to let a lot of natural light into your home. Be sure to keep the curtains and blinds open often so your rooms are lit. If you prefer to leave your curtains closed, purchase ones that are thin and light so natural light can still enter.

Put mirrors in places that you often walk by or see in your home. The best places are on doors and in your bathroom. Having mirrors in multiple places in your home will fool your eyes into thinking everything looks a little bigger than it is.

As the case with mirrors, use fixtures and decorations that have metallic characteristics for light to reflect off. With an abundance of natural light and its reflection, your space will no doubt look and feel bigger than it really is.

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Maximizing Vertical Space Goes a Long Way

Vertical space can maximize your home. The amount of space you have above you in your closets, kitchen, and essentially every room in your house, is often overlooked.  Adding built-in shelving on your walls can provide you with extra storage and more floor space.

The next time your look in your closet and think it’s time to get rid of some things, look up or to the side. Often, there is nothing but open space that may be maximized with an extra shelf or two. The best part is, it is very easy and will not take you all day to do.

Your pantry walls are often underestimated, too. They can be outfitted with extra shelving or storage containers, sometimes even both. You can also take advantage of this extra space by using labeled totes to make finding items that much easier.

Outside of your closets and pantry, hang as much as possible on your walls without making them look cluttered. You can even hang shelves for a bar as a functional display.

If you are lucky enough to have a garage at your home or apartment, you can mount your larger items, like your bike or canoe, and hang them on the wall, too.


Increase Your Home’s Space by Maximizing Your Current Space

As time goes on, your once spacious home can begin to feel cramped and smaller. However, there are plenty of ways to maximize the square footage of your home without needing to remodel or move. Pay attention to detail and utilize what you currently have. A simple rearrangement of your furniture or change in décor can go a long way when you need some extra space in your home!

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