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Serving The Entire Bay Area!


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I contacted Element for a kitchen remodel and Sean came out to evaluate. He had some good ideas and some things we may want to improve on.His quote came...
Lan N.
11:38 06 Aug 21
Relocating our kitchen and removing a couple of walls in the living room to create an open concept, was on our list for a very long time. Once we were...
Shir E.
13:29 02 Jul 21
I live in San Jose and have just completed our home remodeling project which included a full kitchen remodel and extension with a skylight in addition to...
Robert X.
09:10 14 Jun 21
I had a great experience with Element Home Remodeling and their entire team, when my wife and I moved into our new home in San Jose at the end of last year....
Hamid B.
18:59 26 Apr 21
Sean was fantastic. From Day one he was very helpful with regards to design and permits. We had a very clear idea of what we wanted, and he and the...
Stephanie A.
19:37 08 Mar 21
Sean and his team worked with my cousin on a project at his property. I was very impressed with their work and my cousin was very happy with the way that...
Rebecca A.
11:50 22 Feb 21
Raphael was an absolute pleasure to work with. I had two bathrooms I wanted remodeled, both required moving a wall and lots of plumbing changes. Raphael...
Levi R.
13:41 28 Jan 21
From start to finish I had a pleasant experience working with this company and their team. This is the second time that I have hired a remodeling company....
Dan S.
10:19 17 Dec 20
Thumbs up to Element Home Remodeling for the excellent customer service and their quality of work. Despite all the restrictions because of covid, the...
Sissi C.
13:56 06 Dec 20
We just finished our project, and I am happy to share the positive experience that I had while working with this company and the people who are a part of...
Orel S.
21:31 12 Nov 20
I recently hired Element Home Remodeling to renovate two bathrooms in my 3 bedroom apartment. Both bathrooms were on the small side, the bigger one having a...
Alisha A.
12:59 15 Sep 20
We had a complete home remodel done by Ben and Element Home Remodeling.This was not the first time that I hired a home remodeling contractor to update my...
Lior A.
16:17 11 Sep 20
My experience with Element Home Remodeling is very positive. They provided excellent construction service and did very good work. We talked with several...
Cho K.
21:26 01 Sep 20
We choose Element Home Remodeling for our home remodel in San Jose. This is an old house, it was in bad condition and we had many issues with our plumbing...
Jacob S.
21:06 24 Aug 20
Our search for a home renovation contractor began about six months ago.We met with a couple of renovation contractor companies. However, due to Covid 19 we...
James L.
23:05 19 Aug 20
It's the second time I have worked with Ben and Element Home Remodeling Contractors. Ben is amazing, we had a kitchen remodel which included some structural...
Sarah M.
11:54 11 Aug 20
Just a little over a year ago we started a full home remodeling project with a different remodeling contractor. Everything was very promising; we had the...
Jack B.
22:15 19 Jul 20
We partnered with Element Home Remodeling Contractors for our full home remodeling and living room addition. We chose Element Home Remodeling over other...
Raj B.
16:06 06 Jul 20
We hired Element Home Remodeling for a living room and kitchen remodel. Luckily for me it was just before the closure came into effect, but it was touch and...
Jennifer C.
14:31 03 Jul 20
We purchased a new house and hired Element Home Remodeling to work as our remodeling contractors and remodel our kitchen, living room and two bathrooms. We...
Frank P.
09:30 23 Jun 20
I have worked with Refael and Element Home Remodeling Contractors in the past. They upgraded my kitchen and did a fantastic job. So I decided to hire them...
Benny B.
12:02 27 May 20
Our kitchen remodeling project has just been completed and in hindsight I can say that choosing to work with Element Home remodeling was a very good idea....
Nati S.
20:41 06 May 20
This is the second time that we have used Element Home Remodeling. The first time was a few months ago, when we hired Element to take over a bathroom...
David S.
10:37 09 Apr 20
We hired Element Home Remodeling to extend and modernize our kitchen.When we first contacted them, they were pleasant and gave us an appointment for a free...
Matt M.
12:34 20 Mar 20
We had a great time working with Element Home Remodeling on updating our home.We have lived in our present house for over ten years and felt that it was...
Or K.
22:09 14 Mar 20
Some friends of mine recently purchased a home around Mountain View area and were looking for some major upgrades to their fixer upper. And it was...
Christy M.
21:46 19 Feb 20
Our experience with this company and their teams was very pleasant and smooth.We had a full bathroom remodeling in both our bathrooms by Element Home...
Eitan F.
18:24 10 Feb 20
I had been putting off my home remodeling project for quite a while and finally decided that it was time to get it done. After interviewing multiple home...
Ohad B.
14:21 22 Jan 20
We have just finished our bathroom remodeling project that was done by Element Home Remodeling. Working with them was easy, they took care of everything...
Israel B.
14:39 18 Jan 20
Our kitchen remodeling project is finally completed. All the effort that we put into the design and finding a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor has...
Idan Y.
22:28 02 Jan 20

Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

Our professional team of designers and builders will meet with you to better understand the needs, budget, timeline and overall goals of your kitchen remodeling project.

We will help create the right design to fit those needs and assist you with choosing and shopping for the right materials, colors and features, while taking advantage of the current layout or even changing it.

We are here to help you with every step of the project.

We offer free on site consultations,  in which we go over the details of the project such as: your budget, timeline, layout and design ideas, 

Design Build Contractors

We manage the entire remodeling process from start to finish and have  in house teams of architects, designers, engineers and builders who offer all the required elements to complete your kitchen remodeling project to your satisfaction.

Having the design and construction teams work side by side and under the same company leads to better communication between the teams  and ensures a much easier and effective remodeling process.

Our team will also take care of pulling any required permits, scheduling and passing all required  inspections and dealing with the city or county when needed.


On Time & On Budget Remodeling

Element Home Remodeling has a reputation in the Bay Area for staying on-time and on-budget. We take pride in providing accurate and complete quotes that cover every step of the kitchen remodeling process.

Throughout your project we make sure that you understand the scope of work,  as well as providing regular communications throughout the process.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our goal is to make this process as commutable and stress free as we possibly can for both you and your family 

One of our ways of doing this is to assign a dedicated project manager who will work with you from the day you schedule your first obligation free consultation, up to   the day the project is completed and work is approved by you.

Your project manager will visit the property on a daily basis to ensure everything is on track. He will provide you with daily updates, manage the different teams on-site and answer any question you may have 

Your project manager is available to you 24/7 

We have used Element Home Remodeling contractor to help us with our home remodeling project in Mountain View CA. A friend recommended them and after a onsite meeting with a project manager we decided to sign a contract with them. The company sent out a team of home remodeling contractors who were very polite respectful and professional they had some great ideas which turned out to be very helpful. The team kept us up to date throughout the entire home remodeling project and were available whenever needed. Our new home looks amazing and we are very happy with the service of this home remodeling contractors team!
17:58 14 Sep 19
We had a full kitchen remodeling done at our home in Mountain View California by Element Home Remodeling. The company sent over one of their kitchen remodeling project managers, who had some great ideas and also fixed a few issues with our original kitchen remodeling plan.Our project included replacing the kitchen cabinets and floors, in addition to adding a kitchen island for extra storage. The company's kitchen remodeling contractors team were extremely professional and did a great job. We are very happy with the overall results and feel that our money was well spent. We highly recommend this home and kitchen remodeling company.
19:56 15 Sep 19
Our 2 bathrooms at our home in Mountain View California were in a very bad condition and both needed a full bathroom remodeling. Friends recommended Element Home Remodeling, so we decided to check them out and we are glad that we did. The bathroom remodeling contractors team that were sent by the company were very helpful, they gave us daily updates throughout the entire bathroom remodeling project and were very easy to comunicate with. Our bathrooms look amazing and we are very happy with the service. Element Home and Bathroom Remodeling did a great job.
05:47 18 Sep 19
We had a great time working with Element Home Remodeling Contractors on our full home remodeling project. We hired this company after reading some positive reviews about their work. Our home remodeling plan included renovating the kitchen, bathroom and living room, which were in a very bad condition. The company sent out a hard working team of home remodeling contractors, who were extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire home remodeling project. They did an excellent job remodeling our home. Thank you Element Home Remodeling
23:44 18 Sep 19
We are very satisfied with the bathroom remodeling that we have had done with Element Home Remodeling Contractors. We hired them thier bathroom remodeling services for our guest unit at our home in Mountain View California. It was out of date and the bathroom suffered from damp and mould.The bathroom remodeling contractors team that arrived to do the remodel did an incredible job of updating the room. It is completely transformed. Not only that, this home and bathroom remodeling company maintains a very high standard of work. They are professional and honest and worked to the planned schedule. We will certainly hire them again for our next remodeling project
18:38 20 Sep 19
We hired Element Home Remodeling Contractors to manage our full home remodeling project and they did a great job.We had an extremely tight deadline and were searching forhome remodeling contractor companies who could keep up with our schedule. After meeting a few companies, we found Element Home Remodeling. They showed up to our meeting and had some great ideas that saved us time and money. The home remodeling team that arrived did not waste any time, they started working right away and were very professional. Our kitchen which was lacking space is now modern and organised and we can finally cook without bumping into each other. Our home looks amazing. Element Home Remodeling did some impressive work.
22:24 21 Sep 19
I am more than happy with this bathroom remodeling company. They have just completed a bathroom remodel in my small apartment. I didn`t think there was much they would be able to do to make my small bathroom look more spacious while adding extra storage space. There were several obstacles in the remodeling project, like a partial wall containing water pipes which partitioned the bathroom off and limited the options for reorganizing the position of the sink and toilet. However Dave, the project manager came through and thanks to his innovative ideas my remodeled bathroom looks amazingly different. I can`t believe the difference that this bathroom remodel has made. The room looks much bigger, even though it has more cupboards in it than before the bathroom remodel. It is much brighter and I love the color scheme that the designers at Element Bathroom Remodelers advised me to go with. I am so glad I took their advice. This bathroom remodeling company are true professionals and really know what they are doing. I highly recommend them.
06:37 27 Sep 19
Two months ago Element Home Remodeling completed a home remodeling project in my home in Mountain View CA. The renovations involved the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. The home remodeling project manager was Dima who was assigned to my remodeling project. He was very professional and after assessing the area and listening to my ideas offered lots of positive feedback as well as new ideas which were a big improvement on my original plans. Overall I am very happy with the service that Element Home Remodeling has provided.
15:50 27 Sep 19
After checking out several home remodeling companies, we finally decided to hire Element Kitchen Remodeling for our kitchen remodel . As we were on a limited budget we decided to limit the kitchen remodeling project to replacing the kitchen cabinets and floor tiles. However, after our meeting with Dima, the kitchen remodeling project manager, we realized that if we followed some of his recommendations, we would actually be able to make additional improvements to the kitchen and still stay within our planned budget. This meant that thanks to Element kitchen Remodeling`s project manager and the kitchen remodeling team I finally got the kitchen of my dreams. It is perfect and the standard of work and professionalism of the kitchen remodeling team is excellent. Thanks so much Element Kitchen Remodeling.
10:05 29 Sep 19
I had a great experience with this home remodeling company. A couple of months ago I contacted Element Home Remodeling, to check if they could help with our home remodeling plan at our house in Mountain View California. After having a couple of meetings with David, the home remodeling project manager, that the company had sent to our home, I decided that I would like to hire Element Home Remodeling Contractors. I'm glad that I did. They did an exellent job. The home remodeling team of contractors that they sent were very professional and easy to deal with. They did a fantastic job with everything.
19:29 30 Sep 19
We used Element Home and Kitchen Remodeling Contractors for our kitchen remodeling project at our home in Mountain View California. Our kitchen was in a very bad condition, it had no storage space and because of that was always disorganised. After searching for a while and meeting with some local kitchen remodeling contractors, we decided to sign a contract with Element Home and Kitchen remodeling.They did a good job for a fair price. Our project manager was available through the entire kitchen remodeling process and kept in touch with us on a regular basis. It has been very comfortable dealing with this company. We are very satisfied with the work that their kitchen remodeling team has provided.
19:34 30 Sep 19
I worked with Element's team of bathroom remodeling contractors and it was a great experience. We hired Element Home Remodeling Contractors after receiving positive feedback from friends and family and decided to use their home remodeling services. It turned out to be a good decision. Our bathroom remodeling project included two bathrooms. The team of bathroom remodeling contractors who were sent by the company were professional and very easy to deal with. We are very happy with the end results of our bathroom remodeling project, and will continue to use Element Home Remodeling Contractors for our future projects.
16:26 04 Oct 19
Element Home Remodeling Contractors helped us with our home remodeling plan, which included remodeling a kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms and a basement. They sent out a professional team of home remodeling contractors who arrived on time each day and were very respectful and clean. During the home remodeling process our project manager was in full communication with us and was always available to answer our questions. He made sure that everything was on schedule and supervised the home remodeling contractors team. We are happy with our new home and with the service that Element Home Remodeling Contractors have provided.
03:07 08 Oct 19
I decided to convert the unused family den into a guest room with a private bathroom. After asking around and checking out a few home and bathroom remodeling contractors a good friend recommended Element Bathroom and Home remodeling Contractors. After calling the company, we quickly arranged a consultation with the home remodeling project manager. From the start I felt very confident about choosing this home remodeling contractor. They were able to answer our many questions about the home remodeling project and it was easy to see that they had a lot of experience and knew what they were talking about. The remodeling project went very smoothly, which was another pleasant surprise. They finished the job ahead of time which was an added bonus. During the remodeling project the workers were very professional and each stage was carefully inspected by the home remodeling project manager before being signed off. We are all more than satisfied by the work that this home remodeling company did for us. They have completely transformed the room and this whole experience has given us the drive to have some further remodeling done in other areas of the house. Thanks to Element Home Remodeling Contractors,
20:00 16 Oct 19
This is the third time that we have used Element Home Remodeling Contractors for renovations in our home. The first project that they completed for us was a complete upgrade of the master and guest bathrooms. The second was construction of an extension and this latest home remodeling project was a kitchen remodel. This included opening the wall between the storage room and kitchen to create a large open plan space. We more or less knew what our final vision was, but weren't sure about the finer details. This is where Dave the kitchen remodeling project manager stepped in. Once again we were amazed at his talent for understanding and creating the exact effect that we were looking for in our kitchen remodeling project. He succeeded in designing our perfect kitchen. The kitchen remodeling team were professional and it was clear to see that our satisfaction in the kitchen remodeling project was important to them. They kept us well informed and updated in every step of this remodeling project. This home remodeling contractor is without doubt one of the most professional companies that I have worked with and I don`t feel any need to look any further when hiring a home remodeling contractor for any remodeling projects that I may have in the future.
20:16 16 Oct 19
I recently bought a small apartment which was quite outdated and in need of some major improvements. Originally, I thought I would do the work gradually but realized it would be much better to do everything before moving in. My sister recommended Element Home Remodeling because she had used them for a bathroom remodeling project and was very satisfied with their work. I met with Dima the home remodeling project manager who came to assess the apartment and listen to my ideas. I knew that the apartment was in need of a complete overhaul including complete rewiring and new pipes and floors. To put it simply it needed to be stripped down to the shell and rebuilt. Dima was very experienced and sat for a very long time with meto plan the home remodeling project. I am in awe of the patience that he had with me because I`m not the most decisive of people. The home remodeling team were efficient and professional. The minor hitches that we had, were quickly resolved thanks to the experience and know how of the home remodeling team. The costs were kept within our budget without any compromise on quality. I am impressed with the standard of work of Element Home Remodeling Contractors and completely love every new feature of my newly remodeled apartment.
00:25 17 Oct 19
Element Home Remodeling just completed a master bathroom remodeling project in my Mountain View home. Although the room is quite large and has enough space for a bath and shower, I chose to have just a walk in shower along with his and her sinks and a bidet and toilet. I also had a complete re-tile of the floor and walls. Because of the size of the room I was worried that it may appear empty and cold if I removed the bath, but Dima the bathroom remodeling project manager showed me the many options I had with regards to shower size and types of cabinets. He also completely rearranged the layout of the bathroom in a way that I would not have imagined and the finished result is unique and stunning. As a home remodeling project manager, Dima goes above and beyond his role. This and the professionalism and high standards of the bathroom remodeling team are a guarantee of success. The remodeled bathroom is now a place I love to spend time in. The color scheme is relaxing and light without being cold and there is so much storage space without it being overwhelming. The members of Element Home Remodeling Contractors are professional and have high standards and work ethics. I am very happy that I chose this home remodeling company for my bathroom remodeling project.
21:38 17 Oct 19
We chose Element Home Remodeling after a friend recommended them to us. We needed a complete kitchen remodel which included new cabinets, countertops and floor. In addition I also needed extra electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. I have to say that I was very impressed with the design team at Element Home Remodeling. Their input was invaluable in helping me obtain the kitchen I had been aiming for. The builders were professional and efficient and took pride in their work. I am happy to say that I have no regrets about choosing this home remodeling company for my kitchen remodel and I highly recommend them.
22:56 22 Oct 19
Thanks to Element Home Remodeling my guest bedroom and bathroom have been completely transformed from being cramped and dark to light and welcoming. I am now happy to invite people to stay over and no longer have to apologise for the condition of the room. The remodeling team of designers and builders have created a guest unit that far exceeds my expectations. I'm amazed at how much more storage space there is and yet the room looks so much bigger. Dave, the home remodeling project manager was available at all times during the project and his ideas and input were invaluable. This home remodeling company definite gets a five star . Highly recommended.
23:29 27 Oct 19
I have just had a full kitchen remodelling done by Element Home Remodeling, which included replacing the entire kitchen floor, plumbing work and of course, new kitchen cabinets. I also added a island for extra work and storage space. I had been searching for a local kitchen remodeling contractor for quite a while. I met with many home and kichen remodeling companies before I met Dave. He was very professional and had some great ideas. The kitchen remodeling team that was sent by the company were efficient and professional. Most important was the fact that they were always available throughout the entire kitchen remodeling process. My kitchen is now well designed and I enjoyed working with this kitchen remodeling contractors company.
15:35 04 Nov 19
Six weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with Element Home Remodeling Company when they completed a home remodel of my living room and study. We wished to create a more open plan of the two rooms and contacted Element Home Remodeling to arrange a consultation. Two years ago this company completed a bathroom remodeling project for us and we were very satisfied with their work and decided to use their service again. This time the home remodeling project manager was Dima, who turned out to be a very nice guy with some really original ideas. He spent quite a long time with us planning the home remodeling project and gave us a couple of options to work with. Once we had closed on the plans, the work progressed very smoothly. The builders that Element Home Remodeling sent were very professional and polite. It was very clear that they were making a lot of effort to cause us as little disruption as possible. Not only that, they also took pride in their work and kept a very high standard. I can honestly say that this remodeling project was the easiest that we have undergone so far. The home remodeling team succeeded in creating a clean and open living space that is even nicer than we had imagined. I will have no worries hiring this home remodeling company again.
20:21 24 Nov 19
Our home was in need of a full home remodeling which included remodeling the kitchen, bathroom, guest bathroom and master bedroom. We met with Rafael from Element Home Remodeling Contractors after interviewing a few different companies. Rafael was the only one that noticed that we had some issues with the plans that were created for us by a professional architect. At first I thought that he was mistaken, but after double checking I noticed he was right. We decided not to take any risks and started over. We drew up new plans with the architects from Element Home remodeling Contractors and started to work with them on design ideas. The work that was done by the home remodeling team of contractors was very good. They took note of the small details and that was pretty impressive. Rafael managed the entire home remodeling project and he was very responsible and made sure that everything ticked like clockwork. Our home looks great. The kitchen has much more space, which is a very refreshing change. When it comes to customer service the office staff at Element Home Remodeling Contractors were polite and available whenever needed.
17:33 28 Nov 19
Updating our old kitchen was something that we were planning on doing for a while. The cabinets in our kitchen were absolutely disgusting, the wood was all rotten and stained. It took a while to save up to have the money that was needed for a complete kitchen remodeling, so I was very careful when choosing a kitchen remodeling contractor. I think we met with over 10 kitchen remodeling contractors before we decided to work with Element Home Remodeling Contractors. When I met with Dima and Rafael they very helpful. Has per my request a few days after the meeting they sent me some design ideas and options that the company designers had created and I liked what I saw. We explained how important this kitchen remodeling project was to us and that it was very important that they would do a good job. They did an excellent job we absolutely love the kitchen. Working with this kitchen remodeling contractor company was a pleasure.
01:02 01 Dec 19
We recently remodeled our kitchen, bathroom, and extended our living room. We were looking for a company that was built on trust, honesty, and most importantly transparency!Dima; our project manager, definitely delivered throughout the entire project! Their home remodeling contractors are very knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly professional. With the help of their architects, we collectively created a plan for the revisions of our outdated living room layout.They even offered assistance with design, which we gladly took advantage of!We rarely take the time to even write reviews, but this was worth our time to let others know how awesome they are!This company is a one stop shop for all your remodeling needs from start to finish! Dima made the entire project very smooth and painless!We definitely recommend this company to all of our friends and family in the future!
01:31 03 Dec 19
We started to have many issues with the bathroom plumbing in the past year and knew that we would need to replace the plumbing soon. We decided that if we were going to make such changes we might as well have a full bathroom remodeling done. We met with a few bathroom remodeling contractors and decided to hire Element Home Remodeling. Dave was our bathroom remodeling project manager. He is a very professional and responsible guy. The company took care of everything from start to finish. We didn’t know much about how and where to start, but Dave and the bathroom remodeling team were very helpful and easy to work with. Our bathroom looks great, but more important we have put an end to the leaks and all the plumbing issues that we had.
07:18 03 Dec 19
Element Home Remodeling Contractors have completed a full home remodeling project in our new house. We bought a new house and were looking to have a complete home remodeling before moving in. We remodeled two bathrooms, the kitchen, two bedrooms and a master bedroom. Element Home Remodeling Contractors provided excellent customer service the company assigned Dave a project manager to oversee the entire home remodeling process which he very much did. Dave was very professional and easy to work with. We moved into our new home which we absolutely love and we feel that our money was well spent.
23:27 05 Dec 19
We hired Element Home Remodeling to remodel our rusty kitchen and bathroom. We needed to replace the entire plumbing system which was in a very bad condition we contacted Element Home Remodeling Contractors after getting some positive feedback from my cousin who used their remodeling services. We met with many home remodeling companies, but because my cousin lives in Sunnyvale all I had to do was jump for a visit and check the work that was done at his property, so choosing Element Home Remodeling was easy. They did a very good job we are all enjoying our new kitchen and bathroom and most important the new plumbing system. It is a refreshing change to not have to call a plumber every other week. I had a very good experience with Element Home Remodeling Contractors.
17:15 09 Dec 19
I would recommend Element Home Remodeling to anyone looking to do a remodel. I found them on google also and use them because of their five-star reviews.They gave me the bathroom I had dreamed about. They followed my plan and my design and although my plan and my design was not perfect and there were a few glitches they were always more than willing and amicable to work any situation out. Their customer service is outstanding. Andrew always made himself available to me through text and would respond almost immediately. Even when I asked him if I was disturbing him or he had time to talk he always made time for me. I truly appreciated their customer service and that they're goal was to make sure that I was happyHow can you beat that? You won't be sorry if you use Element Home Remodeling!
21:04 30 Dec 19
My daughter used Element Home Remodeling for a total house remodel. I am in awe of the work they did and the time that they did it in. Her house looks amazing and the quality is terrific. My daughter is over the moon with her home, and I am thrilled with what Nichol Davis was able to do for her. BIG fan of Element Home Remodeling!
06:22 08 Jan 20
Yes. Yes. Yes. This is the place you go when you need your kitchen or bath remodeled! Refael is the best there is... he knows his work and they are very efficient and a pleasure to work with!Clean, precise, and on time, I couldn't ask for more... oh, wait, yes, a great price!!!!Call them, you'll be glad you did. 🙂
18:51 09 Jan 20
They are really professional. im very satisfied with their services. Thanks guys
21:18 16 Feb 20
Great job, they redo my kitchen and 2 bathroom and I’m super happy. Price was good and they did exactly what they promised.Thanks
02:10 28 Feb 20
they have done a great job for me. i will use their in future
10:57 02 Mar 20
12:42 10 Mar 20
08:13 11 Mar 20
13:09 11 Mar 20
Excellent follow up in getting back with potential clients. Looking forward to doing business with Element Home Remodeling on our current project.
07:41 16 Mar 20
We have just finished a full home remodeling project with Element Home Remodeling.¿I had a great experience working with Refael, a very responsible and bright young man. Refael was our project manager. He was in full communication with us throughout the entire remodeling project and was available whenever needed. Our project included remodeling the bathroom, kitchen, living room and two bedrooms.¿The remodeling process was reasonable, whenever we had a problem we contacted Refael and he took care of it immediately. The remodeling crew were amazing to work with and were able to meet to our tight deadline. We are very happy with the end results and our new home. We are glad that we choose to work with Refael and Element Home Remodeling on our project.
01:01 08 Jun 20
Dave was helpful wrt basic questions regarding permits. Appreciate his help.
20:54 03 Oct 20
I don't usually write reviews but I wanted to share my experience with Element Home Remodeling, in part as a thank you to them for the great job they did on my home remodeling project.We chose this Element Home Remodeling on the recommendation of a friend who had hired them for kitchen remodel and was very happy with their work.From the start we got positive vibes. Matt the project manager went above and beyond his job description and was literally available to us 24/7. He kept us fully updated and made sure the remodeling progress was on schedule.The entire team of professionals who work on our project were well coordinated and worked well together. I think that this is one of the main reasons why the remodel turned out to be a success.We are very happy with our new home and with the service that was provided. I very much recommend Element Home Remodeling
01:45 19 Dec 20
This is the third time that I have hired Element Home Remodeling. They have become my go to home remodelers because so far I have not been disappointed in their level of work and customer service. This was the first time that I have worked with Refael, the project manager who was assigned to our project. We were looking at having our kitchen remodeled and adding on an extension. It was quite a big project and we decided to use Element’s architects and designers rather than complicate the situation further by using “outsiders”. That decision definitely made the remodel run more smoothly, mainly because Refael and the entire remodeling crew worked together and were well coordinated.Even though this remodel was done under the Covid 19 restrictions which caused some minor delays, the project was still completed within the time frame. As in the previous projects, the estimate for the remodeling costs which Refael and the company gave, were accurate, and the only deviations made where by us when we decided to add some additional work to the original scope. The designers involved in the remodel advised us where we could cut down on costs and where it would be better to upgrade. The workmanship in during the remodeling process is as always pristine. Once again Element Home Remodeling proved themselves to be one of the best remodeling contractors on the area.
19:04 02 Jan 21
We had our kitchen remodeled with this company and they did a great job.We had them knock down a wall to create an open concept, replace the cabinets, countertop, floor and add a kitchen island.The company obtained the permit for us which saved us a headache and meant we could concentrate on deciding on the design and materials for the project.Refael who was our job manager and the remodeling team were very responsive and accomodating with our schedule. They were very professional and detailed with their work.Our kitchen is beautiful and its nice to know that everything is in place and meets the city codes.Element Home Remodeling did excellent work.
05:45 12 Feb 21
Out of the few contractors that I met with, I ended up selecting Element Home Remodeling to remodel the main bathroom at my home.Sean who was my project manager, met with me and had some very professional suggestions that made sense.The team at Element Home Remodeling were all supportive and I really appreciated their help in solving the ongoing issues that we had with the plumbing system.We are very happy with our new bathroom. Element were helpful in addressing our wishes and delivering on great service.
02:32 15 Mar 21
I had worked with a couple of contractors over the years, on different properties, so when I hired Element Home Remodeling, I knew a thing or two about what I wanted and what to expect. Now that the project is done, I can confirm that some amazing people work at this company and they all offer very good customer service. I remodeled my entire home and worked with the Refael and the crew for a couple of months. I got to know them pretty well and it was a very positive journey. I am very happy with the work and the positive customer experience that experienced Element Home Remodeling provided.
14:31 06 Apr 21
My wife and I retired last year. We’d both been somewhat workaholics our whole lives, and before we knew it, our kitchen was twenty years out of date. We started having friends over more often than we had before and decided that it was time we updated the kitchen. Luckily, a friend turned us on to Element Home Remodeling. Rafael and the remodeling team took our kitchen from the 90s to the 21st century in a matter of a couple of weeks. Their work was done on time and the new kitchen is very inviting. I think we’ll be hiring them for our bathroom soon. A big thank you to Refael for the great work.
02:05 19 Apr 21
We had a great time working with Sean and Element Home Remodelling. Our bathrooms needed some serious TLC after our kids had all moved off to college. Sean used our existing space and style but updated it to the 21st century. Sean and his crew were extremely professional and were very unobtrusive while they worked. They kept us in the loop and were always available to us. The finished bathrooms are better than we ever could’ve hoped for. Everything is very detailed and to our taste.
08:30 11 May 21
I’m very particular about my home. I expect anyone coming into my home to do work which lives up to the high expectations I set for myself and my property. After interviewing several Bay area home remodeling companies, I settled on Element Home Remodelling. Sean set me at ease by asking lots of detailed questions about my needs and expectations. He kept me updated throughout the job, and I never once worried about leaving him and the team in my home. Sean and the crew not only lived up to my high expectations; they exceeded them. I appreciate high-quality work and professionalism, and Sean and Element Home Remodelling provided exactly that.
02:51 14 May 21
When I met with Refael the first time, I had him walk me through exactly what he could do with my kitchen, what it would cost, and how long it would take. The bid that Element Home Remodeling provided did go a bit over budget, but I really wanted to work with them, so I decided to hire them anyway Refael, my project manager and the remodeling team did fantastic work on my kitchen. The company provided design assistance which made choosing the materials and overall style much easier. During the process I was in full contact with Refael and the team, and customer service wise they were amazing to work with. A thumbs up to Element Home Remodeling, Refael and the crew.
03:05 15 May 21
It's always great to work with someone who values their customers more than just their bottom line. Honest & trustworthy.
03:37 22 Jun 21
Element Home Remodeling exceeded my expectations! The service, quality and attention to detail were all fabulous! I would highly recommend.
08:04 23 Jun 21
Element Home Remodeling is by far the best remodelling service I have ever encountered. There was no hassle in scheduling, they were always on time and very efficient.
03:07 29 Jun 21
I never met anyone who offers as good as Element Remodeling in doing home renovations! They are fast in responding to your request! Even the staff are courteous and knowledgable of their work.
02:42 30 Jun 21
They were amazing to work with - so nice and responsive. Did fantastic work at a very reasonable price. Respectful of the house and thoughtful in their recommendations. Highly recommend.
03:54 04 Jul 21
The staff is amazing great customer service. I recommend Element to everyone who want quality.
02:44 07 Jul 21
17:23 18 Jul 21
This posted by mistake and tried to delete this, but can’t seem to be able to delete this.
22:55 06 Aug 21

Our Recent Bay Area kitchen Remodeling Projects

Kitchen Remodeling And Design

Element Home Remodeling can help you transform your kitchen into a more functional and aesthetically appealing part of your home. We can design and customize any type of kitchen to suit your taste, style, and budget. Our team will give you all the necessary advice and support that is needed to make your kitchen makeover successful.  Our design team will advise you on choosing the most suitable countertops cabinets and flooring to suit your budget.

Important Aspects of a Kitchen Remodeling Project to Keep in Mind: A kitchen makeover requires careful and well-thought-out planning if you want everything to turn out as you envisioned. If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen, here are a few tips to guide you:

Total Budget

Set a budget for the entire project,  you can then allocate  and prioritize in which areas you want to invest most of your money . Get estimates from kitchen remodeling contractors so you will get an idea of how much you will need to spend. Make a list of what you want and how much it will cost. Comparing your checklist with your budget will help you prioritize on what is important. For example, if replacing the cabinets is too costly, you can reface them instead. Be sure to put aside emergency funds to cover unforeseen expenses and avoid unnecessary surprises.

Existing Kitchen Layout And Style

Ask yourself if you want to improve specific aspects of your kitchen or do you want to strip everything down for a fresh start? Changing your kitchen’s existing layout might mean that you will have to alter the electrical and waterlines, which can be both expensive and time-consuming. If you are looking to give your kitchen a makeover, it might be easier to keep the existing layout, whether it is a U-shape, L- Shape or galley layout. Whatever you do, ensure that the style you choose compliments the rest of your home and supports functionality. Do your research on the various kitchen styles available and chose what bests suits your needs. There are numerous styles on the internet, magazines and remodeling books to give you ideas.


Appliances such as microwaves and refrigerators play a major role in how your kitchen looks and functions. Stainless steel appliances will give your kitchen a more contemporary feel, while built-in equipment like ovens reduce clutter. Consider energy efficient appliances to keep your energy costs down. Although it comes down to personal tastes, you should involve expert remodeling contractors when shopping for your kitchen appliances. They can advise you on the best size for your kitchen depending on your kitchen design and usage. The last thing you want is a huge fridge that won’t open because your kitchen space is too small.

Other factors like lighting, working surface and stage space also come into play when planning to renovate your kitchen

Contact Us Today For All Your Kitchen Renovation Needs

If you live in Mountain View, CA or its surrounding and need advice or help with remodeling your kitchen, Element Home Remodeling is here for you. Get in touch with us today for all your kitchen renovation solutions.

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