Small Kitchen remodeling ideas

Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Small Kitchen

Some homeowners prefer a smaller kitchen as it’s easier to manage and it opens up additional space in the home for other areas.  Some areas of the country just simply have smaller houses and kitchens on average than others. If you live in the Bay Area the average home size in most areas is under 2,000 sq ft, with some areas in the 1,500 sq ft range, which usually means working with a smaller kitchen when it comes to renovations.

If your kitchen is a little too small or drab for your  liking there are several ways to create space and/or spruce it up. We’ll check out some renovation ideas for smaller kitchens below.  Having a quality kitchen remodeling contractor to consult with can also give you some great ideas on what can be done with your kitchen as they will have had lots of experience with similar kitchens in your area.


Keep it functional

If you have a small kitchen you don’t really have the room to use the space for anything other than cooking and eating. Make sure you don’t use the room as a storage area for other things such as mail, laundry, and schoolwork etc. Be sure you don’t clutter the kitchen with any non-working and non-essential appliances and items that take up room. You may also want to consider installing slim and streamlined appliances.

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Open storage

If you feel closed in when in your kitchen you may want to get rid of your top cupboards and utilize the space for open storage or install taller cabinets. Open storage allows for items such as pot racks, shelving, and magnetic spice and knife holders etc. Don’t forget, you can also hang pots, pans and cutting boards from the ceiling and walls and an over-the-sink dish rack can create space.


Incorporating glass

The negative space of a kitchen can appear to be visually expanded by incorporating glass. The room may appear bigger with the addition of things such as a mirror, glass door cabinets, counters, tabletops and doors etc. You can also add sparkle to the kitchen by installing reflective glass tile as well as a mirrored backsplash.



A good combination of atmospheric and task lighting can help create the feeling of size in a kitchen. For example, fluorescent lighting generally has a positive impact on the items in the room and is excellent for task areas. Another option is incandescent lighting as it has a softer glow and can compliment your countertop and cabinets.  Hanging pendant lights in the eating area can give a feeling of luxury to the room.  Floor lighting can also be effective in the kitchen.

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Linoleum is an inexpensive and favorite choice of many homeowners for the kitchen, while other popular options include tumbled marble and cork. If you use tiling, remember that large tiles make the room feel larger and airier, while small tiles make it feel more cramped and busy. A colorful rug can also add warmth and atmosphere.


The color

The color of the kitchen’s appliances, furnishings, walls, ceiling and floor also has a big impact on the overall feel of size. Light colors and pastels make the room appear bigger as they reflect light as do certain bold colors. However, darker colors generally make the space appear to be  smaller than it really is.


Rolling kitchen cart

A rolling kitchen cart is basically a kitchen island on wheels. This is ideal for a small kitchen since it can be stored when it isn’t needed. In addition, if there isn’t room for an eat-in table you can place a wood countertop against a wall and add a couple of high-top chairs. Also, if you have a kitchen island it can serve triple duty by being used as a prep station, eating area and storage space by having open shelving on its sides.


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