Home Addition

Home Addition

A Home addition can completely transform your house. It is an ideal solution for adding extra space and can also add value to your home. In general, planning a home addition involves the following stages: architecture, engineering, design and construction. In order to get started you will need to create plans with a licensed architect. Once those plans are drawn up you can start shopping around for estimates (based on those plans), from different contractors. 

At Element Home Remodeling Contractors we offer all the necessary services that are required for any type of home addition. 

We have an in-house team of architects, designers and builders that can take care of the project from start to finish. In addition, we assign a personal project manager who will coordinate between the different professionals and be your “go to guy” for the entire project. 

Our Common Home Addition Projects Include:

Kitchen Expansion

If you feel that your kitchen is lacking space and is no longer comfortable to use, a kitchen addition might be the right solution for you. It can add storage space and cabinets,  as well as having a positive aesthetic impact on your home. Our team is always happy to answer any questions and are here to help if needed. 

Bathroom Addition

Adding a bathroom to your property  is a very common and popular request, which we receive on a daily basis. If you are considering a bathroom addition, we will be more then willing to provide you with a consultation. 

Master Bedroom Expansion

If your are thinking of adding space to your bedroom our team can help create a plan and redesign the room to make sure that it fits you needs. 

Sunroom / Screened Porch Addition

Experience the outdoors all year round in your sunroom or screened porch. This affordable room addition will result in extra space for entertaining guests, as well as the family.  A sunroom or a screened porch will also increase the curb appeal and resale value of your property.


We receive many requests from customers who want to create an additional room where they can spend time with their family, or where their kids can hangout with their friends, without disrupting the rest of the house. If you relate to this, Element Home Remodeling designers builders and architects can definitely help. 

Garage Conversion

Converting your garage into an ADU unit has become a very popular option for adding additional space and value to your property. It can provide additional income and equity,  and is an affordable housing solution for renters or family members.

Entire Floor Addition

As your family grows, you may often feel that the available space is getting cramped and not enough bedrooms are available. Many homeowners face this common problem today. An efficient option is to build an additional floor. Our professional team of contractors will run a thorough inspection of the entire house, design the second floor, handle approval of the plans and permits, and then build you that new space.  Feel free to call for advice and a free quotation on the best and most viable room addition options for your home.

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