Large Windows with Bright Light

The Latest Remodeling Trends in the Bay Area

When you live in the Bay Area, one of the most stylish places in the country, it can be hard to keep up with the newest trends to make sure your home is updated. In fact, it can be hard just to know where to look to determine what’s in style and what isn’t.

If you are interested in finding the newest and hottest remodeling trends in the Bay Are,  we’ll show you the latest remodeling trends so you can stay ahead of the curve with the trendiest living space out there.

Give Your Bathroom a Luxury Spa Vibe

bathroom spa renovations Mountain View

One of the most popular bathroom remodeling trends right now is making renovations that imitate a luxury spa. This trend took flight due to its ability to provide modern aesthetics while making both you and your guests feel cozy and at home. 

Installing Heated Bathroom Floors

Many people are turning to heated floors for this effect. Already popularized in many parts of Asia, heated floors offer a unique warming experience that gives off a hint of luxury. Heated bathroom floors are warm and cozy. They are also a great way to make sure an otherwise comfortable bathroom with ice-cold tiles more inviting to your cold feet during a cold and rainy Bay Area winter.

According to Inch Calculator, installing heated floors to a bathroom in the Bay Area can cost you anywhere from $5 to $10 a square foot, depending on your contractor. This addition will not only keep you warm, but it will appreciate the value of your home, too. 

Installing a Bidet

As another option, including a bidet is absolutely imperative to stay on top of this trend. Originating in France, bidets are slowly making their way into mainstream American culture. It’s no longer uncommon to see homes with bidets installed in the bathrooms. Benefits of installing a bidet include: 

  • Bidets have a water cleaning feature amongst all kinds of other neat features like a heated seat, rushing water sounds, and more
  • Bidets are also an eco-friendly alternative to using toilet paper

Let in More Natural Light with Extra Windows

Large Windows with Bright Light

With the stubborn clouds that often hang over the Bay Area, it can be challenging to get enough natural sunlight into your home as-is. Thankfully, one of the hottest trends in home remodeling right now is replacing doors and walls with huge glass windows. This is good for both the aesthetics of your home and your health. 

Replace Doors and Walls with Windows

One fantastic way to achieve an open-concept effect while letting lots of natural light in is to replace doors and walls with non-segmented windows (choose a plain plate of glass rather than divided windows.) If you have a dark-colored interior, this change can make an unbelievable difference. Benefits of replacing doors and walls with windows include:

  • You’ll get much more natural light
  • You can choose tempered-glass windows with treatments that make it so you can see through to the inside of the home during the day but not at night if you have concerns about privacy-
  • If you notice that you have a wall or door that is particularly dark or provides a lot of shade in your home, replacing these with windows can brighten your house up

If you’re interested in adding more windows or replacing walls/doors with windows, it can cost you several thousand dollars depending on whether you’re choosing to cut walls to add the windows. 

Add an Outdoor Room with Windows as Walls

If you want to take this renovation one step further, consider adding an entire extra room featuring windows as walls to open up your home to more light and add some extra square footage to your home. Benefits of adding an outdoor room using windows as walls include:

  • It’s a great choice for individuals who have a patio or deck or some other sort of outdoor space that isn’t used too often. 
  • It’s actually a cheaper alternative to extending your home entirely.

You can expect adding an outdoor room to cost $30,000-$100,000, depending on the size of your room and design. 

Replace Old Granite Countertops with Edgy Designs

marble countertops

One of the more popular renovations trending right now is replacing granite kitchen countertops with something a little more… edgy. 

Replacing granite countertops is one of the top renovations done for good reason- it’s a relatively simple change that has a massive impact on the feel of your kitchen. However, not just any granite will do. Minimalistic white and minimalistic darker granite patterns are on-trend, which will make your kitchen feel high-class and contemporary. 

Consider going with a white marble countertop for a sleek look that provides ample opportunity for accent color decorations. If you prefer a darker, sophisticated look, try black and gold granite. This is another incredibly on-trend design that pairs fantastically with white or dark wood cabinets. 

According to Manta, you can expect granite countertop installation in the Bay Area to cost you anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000, depending on the size of your countertops, the granite you choose, and your contractor. Consider replacing your granite countertops for a trendy facelift as a part of your kitchen renovations

Consider a Butcher Block Kitchen Countertop

wood butcher block island

Are you bored with the classic stone granite/marble kitchen countertops? A butcher block countertop could be the perfect choice to set you apart from your peers. 

Butcher block countertops are a type of countertop made out of natural, assembled wood. They’re traditionally used as chopping blocks for heavy-grade materials but are finding a place in modern kitchens as countertops and tabletops in 2020. 

They provide sleek, minimalistic aesthetics that provide a fantastic base to build any contemporary color scheme around. Our tip? Pair it with white cabinets with plenty of house plants.

Installing a butcher block countertop in your kitchen can cost you around $1,500 to $6,000 in the Bay Area, depending on the butcher block of choice and size of your counter.

Purchase Colored Appliances for a Retro Pop of Color

kitchen appliance color trends Bay Area

One major trend we’re noticing for 2020 is an increase in kitchen appliances with color accents. These add a super-cute retro look to any kitchen and can help you in building a cohesive kitchen color scheme. 

You can find colored kitchen appliances available on the market, or you can work with a manufacturer to create a custom design. Try a stainless-steel dishwasher with purple accents for a modern look or an aqua blue oven for a hint of playful color. This is a really fun way to experiment with your kitchen’s look, and it looks best with brand-new appliances.

The cost of installing new kitchen appliances will be around $200-$800. Since you will need these appliances anyway, why not make them more exciting by choosing a vibrant color.

Add a Japanese Ofuro Hot Tub for a Stylish Look

ofuro hot tubs Mountain View

If you’re a fan of hot tubs, this tip is for you. Consider replacing your old Western-style hot tub with it’s much more aesthetically pleasing Japanese counterpart- the Ofuro hot tub!

These hot tubs are all the rage right now. But what’s different? This type of soaking tub in Japan is used after fully bathing for purposes of contemplation and relaxation. It’s designed to bring one closer to nature, and they are often quite deep and feature wooden slat designs. 

These are a fantastic contemporary alternative to the traditional plastic hot tubs you see in the United States. The wooden slats look great outdoors and indoors, so experiment with placing this in the backyard or bathroom. 

Are you looking to replace your old hot tub with one of these? While you can expect it to cost you at least a couple of thousand, each Ofuro tub comes with its own price tag, so contact a trusted contractor to find out how your dream Ofuro hot tub can work into your budget. 

Automate Your Home with Smart Home Devices

smart home

Choosing to automate your home using smart home devices is a fantastic way to change the vibe of your entire home. And believe it or not, automating your home doesn’t just mean clapping to turn off your lights or asking your house to turn up the air conditioning. 

Keep Everything in Order with Smart Home Devices

Smart home device installation can come with a number of helpful features that can make your home the sci-fi envy of all your peers. Benefits of installing smart home devices include:

  • You can keep an eye on your home with video installation, automate your window treatments, play music in any room, turn on your faucets, ask your system for information on news and the weather- you name it, and the list of available features is increasing every day. 
  • It’s also a fantastic way to increase the value of your home. 
  • You can also find appliances that are compatible with smart home devices.

Improve Your Health with Circadian Rhythm Lighting

Some smart home devices offer a ‘circadian rhythm lighting’ feature. This feature is based on our ‘circadian rhythm,’ or our natural 24-hour sleep cycles mostly controlled by light and darkness. This type of lighting controls itself based on the natural light and dark in the room. 

Lights that follow a circadian rhythm match the natural light your home gets in terms of its warmth. This is meant to reduce the harmful effects of artificial lighting on the human body. 

Your home’s lighting system will change automatically according to the phases of the day and the natural light you get in from outside. This means you’ll get warm mood-lighting for as long as you want your lights on during the day- and lighting is one of the most important factors in determining the feel of a room. 

Adhering to a lighting schedule that is more natural can do wonders for your overall health. This kind of lighting is just another way that home remodeling can include technology to promote your wellbeing. 

Add a Built-In Bar to Your Outdoor Space 

backyard bar installation Mountain View

With the release of a Covid-19 vaccine coming fast, many are looking to spiffy up their social spaces for the incoming influx of social events. One of the best ways you can cultivate a fun social space to make your guests comfortable is an outdoor bar. 

With the mild weather of The Bay Area, adding an outdoor bar is a great way to make the most of your outdoor space while making an exciting experience for your guests (although nobody is stopping you from adding this to your living room or basement instead!)

One of the best parts about this particular renovation is the flexibility of it all. You can choose a small corner bar, an expansive full-sized bar- whatever your heart desires. Depending on your bar of choice, this can cost anywhere from $5000 to $30,000 in the Bay Area. Stock it with your favorite drinks and mixers to have it fully-loaded and ready for any social gathering. 

Optimize Your Storage Space with Closet Renovations

walk in closets Mountain View

While renovating a room in your home that only you see may appear to be counterintuitive, optimizing the look and storage space in your closet will give you added room while making your closet a hip and stylish place for your fabulous wardrobe.

Replace Closet Dividers with a Cohesive Storage Design

One of the best ways to get a cohesive storage design in your closet is to tear out the existing dividers and replace them with a consistent storage design plan. Many homes come with boring closet designs that aren’t space-savvy. So, why not make an improvement. Benefits of doing so include:

  • You can fit a lot more in there if you change up the design a bit. 
  • You can work one-on-one with a contractor to find out what design suits your closet and your needs best- install cubbies for easy storage or hidden drawers and cabinets to create extra space! 
  • You can even play around by getting your own dividers 

Improving your closet design will help you with storage. But it may also give you peace of mind by reducing the clutter in your home. 

Remove Your Closet Doors Entirely 

If you’ve got a walk-in closet, this could be the ultimate renovation for you. You can remove the doors of your walk-in closet entirely to open up a room. Benefits of doing this include:

  • It’s one of the most budget-savvy and trendy ways to open up a room. 
  • From there, you can work with a contractor to find an aesthetically-pleasing design for the interior that includes ample storage space while maintaining the feeling of being connected to your bedroom. 

If you choose this option, it’s a great way to feel like you’ve added an entire room to your home! Renovating a closet can cost $3,000 to $10,000, depending on the size and design of your closet. 

Install New Flooring Using Wood-Look or Marble-Look Tile for a Budget Facelift

stone flooring installation Mounatin View

One of the trendiest and budget-savvy ways to renovate your home’s flooring is to use wood-look or marble-look porcelain tiles instead of hardwood.

Wood-look tile and marble-look tile are a type of tile flooring designed to look as close to wood or marble as possible. They’re extremely durable and often last longer than real hardwood and cost a fraction of the price of real hardwood floors. All in all, they’re cheaper, more eco-friendly, and often look quite gorgeous. 

The only con is that they can be more slippery than real hardwood, but you can purchase a treated tile to reduce the slip factor. 

You can get wood-look tile flooring in a range of colors and designs meant to mimic the natural variations of real hardwood floors, allowing you to pick an option that matches the accents of

your home best. Marble-look tile flooring, on the other hand, is a fantastic minimalist option that pairs great with sleek, neutral tones.


Living in the Bay Area means there can be a lot of pressure to keep your home up to trend. But don’t forget that remodeling can be a lot of fun. Take your remodeling projects as an opportunity to add value to your home and to express yourself in your living space. Element Home Remodeling can help with your next renovation project, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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