Tips When Remodeling a Bathroom

Tips When Remodeling a Bathroom

 The cost of remodeling a bathroom in the Bay area generally lies between $17k and $35k. So, whether you wish to change a few elements or are looking to do a full remodel, it’s an expensive project you don’t want to mess up. However, with the help of professionals and some invaluable tips, you can ensure that your bathroom renovation project brings you the desired results. 

Going straight into a remodeling project without a solid plan (and a back-up plan) can set you up to fail. Read on to find tried-and-true tips that are sure to help you with your bathroom renovation, including homeowners’ insights and construction hacks, experts think you should know

Stick to a Particular Bathroom Layout

No matter the size of a bathroom, its layout can make or break the space’s elegance. Some bathrooms have luxurious elements; however, since they’re poorly arranged, the room looks cluttered. To avoid this, choose a bathroom layout you like and stick to it.

Following a specific bathroom layout ensures consistency in size, color blends, and the room’s overall outcome. 

You can also keep your current bathroom layout and make a few distance modifications for the organization to make more sense. However, if you change it entirely, you’ll need to adjust plumbing setups, electrical wiring, etc. This could end up costing you more than you expected. 

Keep High-Priced Elements Neutral

Nothing is as soul-crushing as purchasing the wrong expensive bathroom item. The worst part is you may not realize just how wrong the item is until you’ve installed it, and you can’t return it. Therefore, you should reserve bold, personalized styles for cheaper items.

When buying costly bathroom items like quartzite countertops, choose neutral colors like white and grey. Get functional items with a classy but impersonal look that fits most fixtures and styles.

This way, if you decide to sell your house later, most buyers will love the classic elegance of neutral luxurious elements. You can personalize your bathroom by changing colors on paintable surfaces and other replaceable parts.

Remember to Include Storage

Ample storage is one of the most critical yet most neglected aspects in many bathrooms. It is beneficial to add storage during a remodel. If you can store toiletries, shampoo, towels, and other accessories within the space they’re meant to be used, your bathroom will be much more practical and convenient.

You can build small wall closets or shelves in a central place in the bathroom or include small compartments near your shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet. Permanent storage spaces bring a more polished look, and with a little creativity, they can boost your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. 

Use a Curved Shower Rod

Curved shower rods add a little more style to your bathroom. More than just providing aesthetic appeal, these shower rods increase the showering space as well. Furthermore, they’re attached to the walls with screws and can’t be pulled down like their straight counterparts.

While they cost a little more than straight rods, this price difference is negligible compared to your entire renovation budget. Using a curved shower rod will add more appeal to your shower space.

Never Skimp on the Vanity

A bathroom vanity is one of the highlights of the space, making it a selling point of the bathroom. Therefore, if you choose to invest in a vanity during your remodel, make sure that you get the best one for your bathroom.

If on the other hand you choose not to replace your vanity, you can update your existing vanity with paint or by switching the drawer handles for a fresh look. 

Add Accent Tiles

Accent tiles can turn a boring bathroom into an intriguing work of art. Furthermore, they let you explore your design options without committing to a lifelong change. For example, you can easily give a standard modern bathroom a Romanian bath theme, with a few accent tiles.

Here’s how you can use accent tiles to bring a unique style to your bathroom:

  • Add a tile rug
  • Build a shower chair
  • Use them in a shower, tub, or countertop backsplash
  • Border your bathtub
  • Border the layout edges
  • Frame vertical elements like a mirror

You have two options with accent tiles: bordering and accenting other room elements or creating a piece of  bathroom art. However you choose to use them, you’ll likely improve your bathroom’s look dramatically. 

Plan for Lighting Early

Your lighting should complement the changes you make during your remodel. However, unfortunately, some homeowners don’t remember this detail until they’re done with the project. While the wiring may be easy to change so new lighting can be installed, you will usually have to ruin some of the finishes to make those alterations. 

Therefore, it’s essential to choose your lighting before you start. Even better, you should make it part of your design plan. Make sure the lights are appropriate for bathroom use and choose the best for your plan.

Incorporate Natural Lighting

Bathrooms are designed to be private. For this reason, they are usually dark and only use artificial lighting for brightness. But in some cases, you can turn a dark, dull bathroom into a bright naturally lit space.

Here are ways you can add natural light to your bathroom:

  • Use a tube skylight.
  • Get frosted or privacy glass for your windows. Although sunlight comes through the glass, you can’t be seen through it.
  • Put tiny windows close to the ceiling.

Depending on your house and budget, if you have a chance to bring natural light into your bathroom, do it.

Increase Brightness with Colors and Mirrors

Brighter spaces are generally more welcoming. They have a sense of warmth. So, if you want to make your bathroom brighter, use light-colored paint  and incorporate lighter-colored fixtures, tiling, and flooring for a brighter ambiance.

Along with lighter colors, you can use mirrors to brighten the bathroom. Their reflective surfaces, combined with shiny faucets, bounce even the most negligible natural or artificial light around the bathroom, making it look brighter.

Use High-Quality Brassware

You use most aspects of your bathroom daily. You depend on faucets, showerheads, and other items to provide you with consistent water flow and proper functioning with warm and cold water. Moreover, it’s so much more comfortable when your showerheads and other equipment are easy to clean. Therefore, when purchasing these items, choose the best quality you can afford. Remember to check for styles that match your bathroom fittings or  that can strike a beautiful contrast, to achieve a refined look.

Fix Mistakes Promptly

Mistakes are bound to happen during your bathroom remodeling project. However, it’s how you handle them that matters. Some homeowners choose quick but short term fixes, while others neglect the mistakes altogether. You don’t want to be either of these people.

If you overlook a problem or choose to fix it haphazardly, it can cause you a lot of frustration and even accidents down the line. Therefore, if something doesn’t look right, find a long-term fix immediately.

By ensuring everything is installed correctly, you can finish the remodel, knowing that you’ve done the best you could to ensure satisfying results. Even if you incur additional expenses to fix the mistake, you’ll rest easy knowing you don’t have to worry about issues in the near future.

Schedule an Electrician in Advance

Electrical wiring is one of the most fundamental aspects of a remodel. You’ll need an electrician for any wiring needed and for installations such as electric showers, among other things. Some general contractors are licensed to do such work, but others aren’t.

Make sure to talk to an electrician early to get your bathroom remodel on their schedule. They also can advise you on which items to purchase and how to handle other remodeling activities related to electrical components.

Don’t Skimp on Ventilation

Remodeling your bathroom should also take into account the things you cannot see. This includes updating your bathroom’s ventilation, which will help prevent a damp environment, that could lead to mold and deterioration of the bathroom fixtures.

Check your ventilation fan and clean it to remove any dust and debris that may have accumulated. Consult with your contractor about your current fan’s condition to see if you need a new one. Like other electrical connections, ventilation is something to deal with early in the project

Consult a Professional 

Although you can DIY some minor renovations, it’s best to hire a remodeling professional whenever you’re unsure about your project’s more challenging aspects. 

Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional remodeler:

  • A remodeling expert has an eye for the best design and the experience to create the bathroom of your dreams.
  • The bathroom is one of the most complex parts of a house, and it can be challenging to do a good job on your own
  • You’ll be protecting your home during and after the remodel if you hire a contractor with insurance.
  • If you’re too busy to focus on the remodel entirely, the professional can manage your project while you direct your energy on other responsibilities.
  • If you factor in the time it may take you to do the research and labor, gather materials, and oversee the quality of results, you’ll find a remodeling professional to be more cost-effective.

Furthermore, you can negotiate with the remodeler you hire to DIY some parts to reduce labor costs. This way, you can also gain experience and DIY your next remodel project successfully.

Collect Everything You Need Before You Begin 

Bathroom fixtures can take a long time to be delivered. You may also find some things to be out of stock, causing  delays of days or even weeks before the part you want becomes available. Starting your project without all the parts you need will only inconvenience your workers and yourself.

The ordering and planning process will take time, and so you should not demolish your bathroom before you have everything you need in hand.

Double Measure Your Space and Fixtures

Measurements are critical for all forms of construction. You must determine your layout dimensions and the size of anything that will be occupying the space before purchasing a single part. Don’t just measure everything once; make sure you measure everything twice!

Ensure that anything you include in your plan will fit the space. Even after installing all the fixtures in your bathroom, your doors and cabinets should open and close without any interference.

Don’t Forget Waterproofing

One of the worst mistakes a homeowner can make is neglecting to waterproof their bathroom. If there are any leaks, your bathroom and other spaces can be plagued by mold and other water leakage issues.

You can waterproof on your own if you have the know how. However, it’s best to involve a contractor or another expert with a waterproofing license to do it for you, to avoid making any expensive mistakes. 

Remember to Plan for Electrical Outlets

You probably have some electrical grooming items you want to be able to use in your bathroom. After all, it is frustrating to drag an extension cord to the bathroom to use a hairdryer. Place an electrical outlet where you have access to a mirror. This could be within your vanity, in a medicine cabinet, or another place that your electrician advises you will be safe. 

Here are some bathroom outlet insights to use when remodeling:

  • Think of all your bathroom power needs and install enough outlets to satisfy them.
  • Follow all electrical code rules.
  • Conceal the outlets for a polished look.

Add a Thermostatic Mixer Valve

A thermostatic mixer valve is a crucial component of a shower with a good design. It maintains the temperature of the water. The thermostatic mixer combines hot and cold water in the right proportions to create your desired temperature before you shower. 

If there are any water changes, it instantly readjusts the hot and cold parts to maintain the initial temperature you selected. If the cold water supply fails, the valve shuts down automatically. With this water valve, you won’t experience unfortunate water temperature fluctuations when someone opens the kitchen faucet or flushes the toilet while you are showering.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of using a thermostatic water valve:

  • Safety: You can avoid scalding your skin due to sudden water temperature rises and burns from overly hot faucets.
  • Water and energy savings: The water valve is efficient and economical.
  • Convenience: If you stop the shower to lather your body with soap, the thermostat will automatically adjust to the previous temperature when you restart it.

Consider Bathroom Tech When Upgrading

While making bathroom upgrades, you might want to add some smart features for increased efficiency and convenience. These features also improve your home’s value, and some are not as expensive as you would think.

Here are some tech additions you could use in your bathroom:

  • Built-in waterproof TV (in the wall)
  • Mirror TV
  • Wash and dry bidet system
  • Whirlpool bath
  • Shower speaker
  • Chroma therapy shower
  • Steam shower

Avoid Getting Rid of the Bathtub Entirely 

Most Americans now prefer showers to baths as life is busier. If you’re one of the majority, you might feel like doing away with your bathtub altogether. However, you may want to hold onto it, especially if it’s still in excellent shape. 

  • If there’s space, you can add a shower cubicle near the tub, unless you want to use the space for something else more important to you like a vanity.
  • If there’s no space and the bathtub doesn’t frustrate you too much, add an overhead shower and enjoy the occasional bath. 

Don’t Rush the Process

Whether you’re doing the remodel yourself or you’ve hired a professional, as the project reaches its end, it often begins to get tiring and you just want it to end. During these moments, you might be tempted to rush. But no matter how long it takes, never rush the remodeling process. You’re investing your time and money into this, so you deserve to end up with the bathroom you want. It may take some patience, but an excellent remodel is accomplished with an adjustable timeline.


Remodeling a bathroom can be a complicated and expensive process. Although it is exciting, it can be challenging to get satisfying results without the right insights. However by following some of the above tips, you can create the bathroom of your dreams.


Here’s a quick list of bathroom remodeling tips:

  1. Stick to a particular bathroom layout
  2. Keep high-end elements neutral
  3. Remember to include storage
  4. Use a curved shower rod
  5. Never skimp on vanity
  6. Add accent tiles
  7. Plan lighting early
  8. Incorporate natural lighting
  9. Increase brightness with colors and mirrors
  10. Use high-quality brassware
  11. Fix mistakes promptly
  12. Schedule with an electrician in advance
  13. Don’t skimp on ventilation
  14. Consult a professional
  15. Collect everything you need before you begin
  16. Double measure your space and fixtures
  17. Don’t forget waterproofing
  18. Remember to plan for electrical outlets
  19. Add a thermostatic mixer valve
  20. Consider bathroom tech when upgrading
  21. Avoid getting rid of the bathtub entirely
  22. Don’t rush the process


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