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What Renovations Add Most Value to a House?

If you’re considering your options about selling your home, there’s a good chance you’ve been considering ways to add value to the property and get the most out of the sale of your home. You can do many cost-effective things that allow you to have a more significant return when it comes to signing on the dotted line and selling. But what can you do?

Strategic home improvement projects with a contractor is a great way to go about this. You can add rooms with an extension, resurface the areas surrounding the property, improve the quality of the walls, and so much more.

You probably still have many questions about what can be done to increase the value of a house. Don’t worry. We’ll delve deep into everything you can do to make some more money out of your property when it comes time to sell or to refinance.


How to Increase the Value of a House

If you’re going to be have home reno projects done by a remodeling contractor, you need to be clear about what you need to complete. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to the process of deciding:

  • Always plan it out: You’ll want to know what’s happening and make sure it’s a pain-free process. Consider what you would like completed, when, and more importantly, if it will affect your ability to live in the property while the work is being carried out.
  • Research homes for sale in your local area: Head online and check what new builds and existing households for sale have in common in The Bay Area. There’s a good chance you’ll pick up on the trends in your area that are getting people to buy.
  • Make the home attractive: One thing that adds value to a home is how well it looks, and if you have older doors, windows, uneven walls, and such, there’s a good chance that would affect any home valuation.

It’s time to delve deeper into what specific things you can do to bring the value of your home up.

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Convert Your Attic

Many people use their attic for storage, but some have garages and basements for that kind of thing. Converting an attic can be a great way to increase the value of a home, more so if the attic is big.

The possibilities are endless with such ample space, and many convert them into a bigger bedroom. Extra bedrooms are a sure-fire way to add value because they allow prospective owners to use the room as they wish.

Then again, many people like the idea of an extensive gaming room or even a cinema. Watching movies on a big screen is a whole new level for many people.

If you are considering converting the attic into a habitable room, you should take the following onboard:

  • You need planning permission: Contact your local authority to check it out.
  • Make sure there are no cracks in your roof: Some people wind up with dampness or wildlife in their attic.
  • The floor and beams will need to be strong: This is crucial because many attics are simply not habitable. After all, the area tends to be weaker than other parts of the house.
  • It can be costly, but a big help when it comes to selling: This depends on your area, but always find and compare similar houses to yours with the conversion to get a rough guide of how much you could save.

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Resurface Walls

When you walk into a house, first impressions are everything, and if there are issues with the walls, such as cracks, bumps, or anything that prevents paint or paper from being applied evenly, you’re going to have to get it fixed.

If you’re looking to sell the home for a profit, the price won’t reflect that of a fixer-upper, so the people viewing it will expect it to be a lot of bang for the money. This is why you should speak to your contractor about any issues with the walls.

Another big thing is dampness. If the walls are damp, they will either need to be replaced, resurfaced, or a better ventilation system will have to be installed to make sure there’s enough airflow throughout.

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Install New Windows & Doors

Solid windows and doors are a must. There’s no getting around that. If the windows and doors are in poor condition, there’s a good chance they will not be inviting to anyone viewing the house.

Here are some ways to know whether you need to upgrade:

  • Whistling sound from the windows: This suggests air is getting in somewhere, which in turn could allow moisture to get into the property. This is especially important when it comes to heating the house; the heat will escape.
  • Locks broken on doors and windows: This is not only an issue for people viewing, but it’s a massive health and safety issue.
  • Consider getting weather-friendly doors and windows: The last thing anyone wants is to have to keep putting the heating on if it’s escaping because of issues with the windows.
  • Peeling windowsills and doors: This is a sure-fire way to tell if a door or window needs maintenance. The visual of peeling parts of the home is not inviting to potential buyers and could hold the price of your property down.
  • Difficulty opening and closing: Windows and doors need to open with ease. There shouldn’t be a struggle to open or close them.

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Make the Home Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly homes save money, and they cut the cost of bills overall, which is very attractive for the value of your home. It really depends on the area and price of energy because the investment to add things like solar panels varies depending on the location.

Solar panels are a great way to increase value because they use rays from the sun to create energy. There may be a cost upfront, but the long-term benefits, as well as the effect on the price of your house, make them a worthwhile endeavor.

Always check what offers you can get with specific energy suppliers to make sure you are getting the best value.

You also need to make sure you are picking the right size of panels for your home. There’s a common misconception that the bigger panel is always better, but it’s not. Some are more efficient than others, so always check the output to be sure.

Some other ways to make your home eco-friendly:

  • Install smart appliances: Smart appliances can keep your home at a specific temperature and can be controlled in and out of the house, allowing you peace of mind that you’re in control at every turn.
  • Insulation: Making sure there’s insulation in the walls is another good way to keep the heat inside the house.


Landscaping: Why It Matters

A beautiful house on the inside but a less inviting house on the outside can be a huge deal breaker. It could be the difference between whether your home sells considerably above the asking price or not.

This is because people will want to move in and live in the house, taking in the beautiful exterior and using it to its full advantage. If the yard is uneven, prospective buyers will struggle to add decking and things for the kids.

A simple yet welcoming yard is desired because it gives the new people the scope to consider what they want to do when they move in. If issues are not easily repaired, you might find the home will not be as coveted, no matter how top-quality the interior is.

If you’re going to the trouble of building work, make sure you know what’s desirable in the neighborhood in terms of garden space.

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Use In-Demand Fixtures and Fittings

Picking the right style is crucial. Knowing what’s in demand is good to know, so don’t be scared to ask your friends and family what kind of things they would build on to their own homes because there’s a good chance you will find things that pop up more than once.

You want the property to look like something you’d want to live in, but don’t go for obscure fixtures and fittings. Neutral is always best because it will make it more marketable to potential buyers.

More niche fixtures and fittings will probably bring the value down because not as many people on the market will be interested in them.

Another way to help out is to check out listings of houses in the area or even visit model homes. This will give you first-hand knowledge of what is making houses in the area a success.

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Consider a New Kitchen and Bathroom

A new kitchen and bathroom can be welcoming because it won’t look lived in. If the bathtub, shower, and toilet look dated, then there’s a good chance people will not be interested in that particular room.

If it’s a bathroom, you want it to look relaxing with an inviting tub that will make people want to use it.

The same can be said for the kitchen. Newer built-in appliances will always be coveted over more dated stoves and fridges that have seen better days.

The cupboards are also a big issue. Consider whether they’re practical for storage. If they’re in awkward positions that make storing food and other things hard, consider having them ripped out and replaced.

It could be costly, but the value it adds on to the house will outweigh that cost. As we said, people will want to feel like they can walk into the house and live. That’s the main attraction when it comes to buying a home.

The kitchen and bathroom are up there as the essential aspects of a house. A hallway could be a bit worse for wear, but potential buyers will remember the kitchen and bathroom more.

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Get an Alarm System Installed

Safety in the home is paramount. There’s no getting around that, and an alarm system already in a home for potential buyers to see is a good thing. It’s a sign that they could potentially move in and only worry about having to switch over the settings to their details.

Here are some of the best tips for an alarm:

  • Make sure it’s smart: In this day and age, it’s all about smart things. Alarms that call or alert the owner to an issue in the house are excellent. These can also notify of carbon monoxide, changes in air quality, and smoke.
  • Have it professionally fitted: Chances are, your contractor will know a company capable of installing a high-quality offering for you.
  • Windows and doors: Sensors on windows and doors are coveted because they allow people to feel safe in any part of their home.
  • The more you’re willing to spend, the better: A cheaper alarm you can install in minutes yourself will not be as impressive as a more expensive, better one.


Pick the Right Options for Your Home Value

It may be a daunting prospect to make changes to your home, but if they’re in the name of increasing the property’s value, they are worthwhile.

As long as you have a plan of action and know what will increase the value, you should have no issue adding to the value of the house you are putting on the market.

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