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Where To Start With a Home Remodeling Project

While a home remodeling project may appear to be a long, expensive and complicated task there are ways keep the costs down and simplify the work. There are several reasons to remodel your home such as a change in your lifestyle or tastes, a growing or shrinking family, making it more environmentally friendly and trying to make improvements before selling it.

Here in the Bay Area, kitchen and garage renovations are two popular home renovation projects homeowners like to start with, that typically have a good return on investment. In San Jose, manufactured stone veneer siding provided one of the best returns on investment for home owners, which recouped 233 % of its $8,995 cost, according to Remodeling’s 2018 Cost vs. Value Report.

Making Sure Your House Is Fundamentally Sound

Home remodeling project Bay Area, CA

If you’re renovating the home for resale you should have a licensed home inspector check it out for things such as dampness, leaks, the air conditioning and heating systems, the roof, electrical panels and plumbing.

You may find there are other important areas of the home that should be focused on and repaired first before doing any remodeling as these are items that will easily come up in a home inspection when you go to sell your home.

Make a List

Home remodeling project in Mountain View, CA

Whatever the reason is for renovating your home you should make a list of things you’d like to change. You can do this by going through each room and hallway and deciding what exactly you’d like to do in each area of the home. The most common aspects to focus on are the flooring, furnishings, appliances, lighting, ceilings, walls, windows, doors, insulation, decorations, maximizing space and electrical and plumbing where applicable.

This renovation list should include changes you can’t do without, changes you’d like to make and those which aren’t absolutely necessary. You’ll need to take into consideration what you currently have in place and what you’d like to have. Of course, you also need to come up with a working financial budget.

Making a list like this will basically mean you’re prioritizing the project and if you’re enlisting the help of a professional remodeling contractor they’ll know where to start and what to focus on. The contractor will then attempt to make as many renovations as possible while staying within your budget.

Work With a Contractor

Beautiful kitchen remodeling Mountain View, CA

An experienced home remodeling contractor will give advice on how many specific renovations can be made while getting the most out of your budget. The contractor should be able to share information on various remodeling aspects such as permits, tax credits, building materials and rebates etc. They’ll also let you know where you can save on costs along the way.

It’s recommended that you don’t sign anything with a contractor however until you’ve worked out all of the project details, terms, timeline and costs and have come to an agreement on how and when everything will proceed. It’s also important that the contractor be qualified, experienced, insured and reliable.  Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from their previous clients or look at online customer reviews.

Your contractor may come up with some opinions, ideas and cost-saving solutions regarding the project and this could alter your final plan, therefore, if you are going to enlist the assistance of a professional home remodeling contractor it’s best to do so as early in the the project as possible.

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